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Fallout: A win for fans and newcomers

The latest in the game adaptation genre proves highly successful

When Fallout’s 25th anniversary came in October of 2022 Prime Video teased that they were in the process of adapting the beloved franchise into a show. Fans were mixed as a few months prior Paramounts Plus’s adaptation of HALO premiered. Fans had varied reactions to Paramount Plus’s adaptation of HALO, with most expressing disappointment following its release a few months prior.
When Amazon announced that the entirety of the season would release on April 10, 2024, all fans could do was hope that they got it right, and they did.

The Fallout series takes everything that makes the games unique and puts it into the format of a show. The show follows three characters through the wastelands of southern California: Lucy MacLean, a clueless vault dweller who leaves the comfort of the vault to look for her kidnapped father; Maximus, a squire for the Brotherhood of Steel who doesn’t exactly fit in with the rest; and The Ghoul, a 250-year-old mutated bounty hunter with a careless attitude and surprising backstory.

Eventually paths begin to cross as the episodes progress and it all builds into a very compelling mystery which leads to jaw dropping revelations. The characters are all written very well and the ways they interact with each other as the series progresses is interesting to see. The Fallout games are well known for their well detailed and memorable main characters as well as side characters and the show delivers this exceptionally. Eagle eyed fans of the series will notice the plethora of references to past installments sprinkled throughout the show.

Thanks to Amazon’s deep pockets and a talented production team it seems no expense was spared when it came to little details. Vault 33 looks identical to vaults seen in the games, Nuka Cola bottles scatter about the wasteland, characters use Stimpacks to heal themselves and of course the picture-perfect T-60 power armor. You don’t need to be a Fallout fan to appreciate the lengths they went to for immersion, but if you are, it is oh so rewarding.

The episodes are also paced really well, and each one tells its own story from the moment it starts to the end with fun post credit scenes teasing what’s next.

Todd Howard, CEO of Bethesda, confirmed that the events of the show are canon to the established Fallout lore. This leads to my only gripe with the show which is to do with the established lore. Without spoilers there are some major revelations made during the show which conflict with already established timelines and understandings of events. Of course, this means nothing to non-fans watching the show which leads to the final verdict; just watch it.

Even if you have never played a Fallout game you will still like this show. It has action, mystery, unique characters, phenomenal set design and an amazing soundtrack. Amazon has truly set the standard for how a video game adaptation for a show should be done, and with a confirmed Season 2, things are just getting started in the wasteland.

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