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Gaels look ahead by building their 2024 vision boards with RA Mayerli

Adrian Vazquez
(Furthest left) RA Mayerli Barzola ’24 and a group of students enthusiastically design a visual board showcasing the goals they have for 2024.

Every person has a set of goals, whether that be long-term or short-term. When sewn together, goals form a grander vision one has for themselves. On Feb. 2, resident assistant Mayerli Barzola ’24 sought to help students create their vision by hosting a vision board workshop.

Students were able to design concise, yet authentic, representations of their personal vision for 2024 by assembling expressive images into a cohesive set of personal goals. 

The vision boards designed at the workshop demonstrate that personal visions can vary significantly. Tyler Gil ’23 oriented his vision board around success and health, tying into his passions for playing the guitar and daily fitness.

“A goal I have is to keep growing as an individual and being a responsible adult,” Gil says as he adds an affirmation to his vision board in bold letters exclaiming “One day at a time.”

Other vision boards for 2024 centered around specific achievements. Barzola curated a vision board containing travel goals, positive affirmations and financial independence. The previous year, Barzola achieved a long-standing goal she had by traveling to Paris, France, and she continues to aspire to see more of the world – an aspect of herself clearly reflected in the countless picturesque locations included in her vision board.

“I wanted to envision my achievements for 2024, and to truly understand my self-direction,” explains Barzola. 

A vision, then, is more than just a series of goals – a vision is the sentimental etching of one’s journey for all others to see. Each step of the journey is a goal, and no two steps are the same in substance, but share a common striving toward self-betterment.  

“I believe in short-term goals and long-term goals. Do better than the day before,” Albert Forero ’24 remarks after sharing his desire to explore new passions in 2024.  

Instead of a fragmented checklist, a vision board allows someone to outline each of their unique desires into discernable milestones and empower someone to affirm who they are, independent of external expectations – the purest assertion of authenticity.

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