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Rest in Peace, Matthew Perry

photo courtesy of NBC NEWS
Matthew Perry passed away in late October of this year, 2023.

 I was watching Friends right before I found out that you passed away. I was in complete shock and disbelief, and I honestly thought it was some false rumor. I wish it was.  


Some people may be confused as to why I’m writing this article. I don’t know you personally, just like many other fans of yours. However, we are all devastated.  


I’m writing this because death is so sad. I get it, no one can live forever. However, the moment that a person is gone can hurt so much. Time stops and sometimes you start to rethink the whole meaning of life and its value.  


You gave this world charm, wit and humor that will last forever on our screens & hearts. For the past few months, Chandler Bing has given me comfort and reassurance that laughter can heal so much.  


He has taught me that you have to laugh. It’s sometimes the only thing that will get you through life. You’re the reason why Bing had this power.  


It was a shame that The Odd Couple, 2015-2017, got canceled after three seasons. My dad and I really liked that show. It was what introduced me to you and your exceptional humor.  


By 2017, I was heavily obsessed with my favorite television show Once Upon A Time. I remember wanting to see your play The End of Longing so badly because the thought of you and Jennifer Morrison in a production together was utterly amazing.  


Unfortunately, I couldn’t see the play because I was stuck in some middle school classroom, learning things that don’t matter now.  


I think that so many of the bad days I had during my pre-teen years could’ve been easily cured by Friends. Even so, I just hadn’t gotten the chance to watch it yet. 


Then high school started and I decided it was the perfect time to give the show a try. After the first episode, I immediately felt and understood all the love and comfort.  


High school wasn’t a long time ago for me at all. However, I’ve gained so much appreciation for Friends and the joy you brought into it.  


However, I didn’t know the battles you were facing during and after the show until now. I’m so sorry you had to experience all of that. I’ve learned so much of your story and it proves how unfair and petrifying life is. You are so incredibly strong.  


You wanted to make it clear that your mission was to help other addicts try to escape the dark place they were in. I commend you for this goal. After all the pain and despair you experienced, you still found ways to see the light for yourself and others.  


Your legacy will last forever. You’ve made us laugh, smile, and cry. The memories we have of you on our screens will never die. Thank you for what you’ve created.  


We miss you. I wish your family and dear friends peace, love and healing.  


You are safe now and if you’re looking for a friend up there, I know someone who will be there for you. Trust me, she’s the best.  

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