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Four Ways to Grocery Shop on a Budget

Made in Canva by Luis Lopez
Grocery shopping can be expensive, but with the following tips it’ll be easier.

Being a college student means eating on a budget and shopping for groceries on a tight budget and sometimes that can be easier said than done. However, putting the effort in to ensure that you eat well on your budget is an integral part of the college experience. 

 Grocery shopping and eating on a budget go hand in hand because it is easy to spend money carelessly while you’re shopping. Grocery shopping is a simple task but spending a lot of money while doing so is a slippery slope people often find themselves on. Therefore, it is important to keep some things in mind while undergoing your grocery shopping responsibilities.  


Prioritize what you need not what you want. 

Grocery shopping often consists of a lot of impulsive decisions so if you prioritize the essentials that you need to purchase, it’ll make the amount of money spent a lot less and way more digestible. If you have a tight budget for groceries, it isn’t always the smartest idea to buy something that you want instead of what you need. You could miss out on something you want and be okay, but the same can’t be said about not having something you need. 


Prepare a list of what you need to buy. 

The simplest trick in the book is to write down your groceries on a grocery list. Preparing a shopping list allows you to have a clear idea of what you need when going shopping. List the items in order of importance and if you know the isles of a grocery store, writing items that are close together can help save time and confusion of where to go in the store.  


Set price limits before shopping. 

A trick to do before going grocery shopping is to only bring a certain amount of money. Let’s say your budget is $50. You should only bring that amount to set as your limit to ensure that you don’t go over your budget and are able to get what you need without hurting your bank account. With limited money, you are restricted to a certain amount to get what you need while shopping. 


Use coupons.  

Coupons are a fantastic way to save money and get bargains for everyday items. Coupons are helpful because even if they only save you a dollar or two, that adds up, especially for people who need to save up money or watch how they spend it. Certain grocery stores allow for coupon stacking so finding a location you can go, and stack coupons would be beneficial for saving money while out getting groceries. 

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