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Four tips for presentations

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Take a dive into four tips to prepare you for any presentation.

Presentations can be nerve-racking for anyone at any age or stage in life, but preparing for them can be just as nerve-racking as presenting regardless of one’s experience doing so. There are plenty of tips and tricks that can help ease the nervousness of presenting in class.  


Prepare flash cards for talking points during the presentation.  


Presentations in college are typically done without notes or papers, so one suggestion should be to prepare beforehand with flash cards that have the talking points being discussed in the presentation. Knowing what you’re going to discuss in the presentation before presenting allows for a better flow and a less nervous feeling. Due to you practicing so much, all the talking points will already be etched into your head, and you’ll know what’s coming, which will show a sense of confidence and understanding of the presentation topic.  


Remember that the presentation is YOUR presentation.  


Presentation topics are usually chosen by the person presenting, but even if the topic is a random one that’s assigned to you, it’s important to realize that you can still make the topic yours. The PowerPoint and research done for the presentation is still done by you, which means you have something to be proud of and tailor towards your presentation style. Having a sense of pride in your work allows for a better, more comfortable flow for the presentation because the hard work being done will surely pay off. 


Clear up any worries you have with the presentation.  


If there are any worries you have about an upcoming presentation, it is helpful to discuss those worries with your professors. They will always be willing to help and guide you in the right direction to ensure that your presentation is the best that it could possibly be. 


Eat a good meal before your presentation. 


Depending on the time of the presentation, eating a balanced breakfast, lunch or dinner can help fuel your brain and give you the boost of energy needed for a great presentation. This is necessary because if you present on an empty stomach, there is a chance that the audience could potentially hear any of your stomach growls or the cadence of your presentation is off. As a result, this could mess up the flow of your presentation, so it is best to avoid these possibilities and eat well beforehand.  


We all have our own ways of dealing with the stress surrounding presentations, but above all, the most important component of preparing for a presentation is to take a step back to breathe before presenting to relax and give it your all.

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