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Four tips to keep your area clean

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Indulge in four tips to keep your car or dorm clean. 

We all tend to unintentionally dirty up our cars or dorms from time to time. It is simply human nature, but there are better ways that we can ensure those areas don’t get as dirty or messy. More importantly, keeping these areas clean can be beneficial for one’s workspace and mental health. 


Keep dividers on standby.  


Having dividers for stuff in your dorm or car can help to keep your things in order. In your dorm, dividers can be used for clothes or school supplies like pencils and pens amongst other things as well. In your car, dividers can be used for organizing essentials for the vehicle such as tools, any loose items, CDs and anything else you have lying around in your car. Either way, the organized nature that dividers help to establish can aid in keeping your life essentials in order.  


Prioritize important items for the area you’re in. 


Having a car or a dorm means that you have a limited amount of space for the things you have, and it then becomes necessary to pick and choose the items that warrant being in that small of a space. Getting rid of unnecessary items is up to one’s personal preference, but giving your dorm or car a thorough search will surely make you aware of the unnecessary items that you have in your space. 


Ask for an outside perspective. 


Admittedly, it is difficult to see the messy nature of a car or dorm because you live in it, but having a third person perspective can go a long way. Asking a friend or family member to help you sort through the items in your car or dorm can be helpful because it helps ease the stress of cleaning things alone and makes the task more manageable. 


Divide things up by the season. 


Our cars and dorms can be places for storage, but not everything you have needs to be in them at the same time, so it is beneficial to plan accordingly for the seasons or semesters ahead if you’re going to be living in a dorm. You can use bins to store clothes that will be needed for the winter or summer depending on the season you are currently in to avoid unnecessary amounts of clothes. A similar case can be made for your car because not every utility, decoration or accessory is needed for every season and sorting through your seasonal items can keep your mind at ease in the long term. 


Keeping an area organized that you’re constantly in is important because it allows for peace of mind and the ability to enjoy your environment instead of the constant stress that can come from messy surroundings.  

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