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Four tips to get back into a school mindset

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Learn four crucial tips for getting back into the school spirit.

Tip one: Start sleeping to coincide your sleep schedule with your class schedule.  

We can all recall a parent or adult advising us to sleep earlier weeks before school began as kids to get back into the swing of sleeping for school hours. Even now, I feel that sentiment is true as even for us college students, sleeping is important. To ensure that you excel to the best of your ability in your classes, sleeping a good amount of time each night is crucial. Additionally, you are able to benefit throughout the day as you won’t feel so sluggish while attending your classes. I know it’s hard to enforce a healthy sleep schedule, but as I write this at 2:37 a.m., it becomes important to at least try and do so.  

Tip two: Plan out your days in advance.  

Getting back into the swing of things at school also means adjusting to classes and their time slots. In order to make the shift in your daily activities less daunting, I would suggest planning out your days, being aware of your free time and when it is time for classes. Not knowing when you need to do things can make navigating school overwhelming. Writing or printing out your schedule can be helpful in remembering your classes, reminding you of where you need to go and what time you need to be there.  

Tip Three: Discuss school plans with your job.  

If you plan on working while attending classes this semester, then it is important that you discuss your work schedule during the semester with your job and give them the heads up that your time to work will be a bit more limited. Taking the initiative to work around your schedule at school and making time for your job is a good quality to have and shows a good level of maturity that is sure to leave your employer impressed.   

Tip Four: Get into the habit of eating breakfast. 

Rushing around in the morning to get to class on time makes eating breakfast a harder task than one would think.  I would suggest taking the time the night before to prepare a snack or something small to eat quickly in the morning like a granola bar or some yogurt. Breakfast is a very important part of the day and eating a balanced breakfast allows for a burst of energy that can’t be replicated by an energy drink or coffee. 

I hope this article helps you to prepare better for future college escapades, get back into the rhythm of attending college and going through the motions of each day on campus. 

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