Four tips for finals week


Photo courtesy of Luis with Health Hub

Finals week can be the most stressful time of the year, but here are some tips to handle the stress.

Luis Lopez, Staff Writer

Finals week is a week dreaded by almost everyone and can lead to a lot of overwhelming and stressful situations. With the combination of essays, projects and time dedicated to studying it’s easy to see why the final weeks of a semester can be so draining.  Stress caused by finals week can be suffocating, so the following tips will be your guide on how to handle the stress of finals.   


  • Take breaks and get some rest. 

Taking breaks is one of the most crucial parts of studying and prepping for finals week but is something students often forget to do. We often push our own mental health aside for the sake of getting assignments done and studying done as well, but it is important to remember that you’re only human and that you should be your number one priority above anything else and taking breaks to avoid feelings of burn out. A good nap is a great way to take a break; feeling rested is also a very important part of keeping your mental health under control and rest is just as important as taking breaks, although they do work off each other rather well. Being well-rested allows your brain to function more efficiently  than functioning off no sleep, so ensure that you get enough sleep at night to avoid feeling sluggish and tired all day. 


  • Make sure to stay hydrated and well-fed. 

Much like mental health and our own sanity, eating right and staying hydrated are often thrown aside for the sake of cramming in schoolwork, but it is important to remember the importance of eating right and drinking plenty of water. Eating the right kinds of food makes you feel good, which will allow you to be in a good place mentally for when you need to work on essays and projects while  studying for finals. 


  • Break things down  

To avoid feeling overwhelmed, I suggest breaking your workload. Spacing out what needs to be done for classes allows things to appear more achievable, and you will find it easier tackling one thing at a time as opposed to jumping around classes and their workloads and feeling overwhelmed. Prioritizing a class with less work allows the “easier” workload to be done, allowing more time for work that requires more time and attention.  


  • Study with friends 

Studying with friends is a great way to be and feel productive while also enjoying the company of a friend or friends, even if it’s just to “suffer” together. Having a companion to help study most definitely eases the nerves felt when studying for up to five exams during the same week. 


Make sure to prioritize yourself and take it one day at time and one assignment at a time. As we all approach the final weeks of classes and finals week, continue to power through lectures and assignments and I wish you all the best for the remainder of the semester.