The New York Yankees will win the 2023 World Series

Lachlan Wellington, Sports Editor

So I am back with another sporting hot take and after my last one (‘England will win the World Cup’) did not quite come true I am back again hoping that this one will come true. Despite England losing in the quarter-finals of the World Cup they did still get to the quarter-finals and in my opinion could have beaten France if we got some things right, like, for example, Harry Kane scoring his second penalty. Kudos to Argentina for winning (even with a helping hand of five penalties from the referees), but anyway, back to the Yankees. Last season the Yankees won the American League East Conference and beat the Cleveland Guardians in the AL Divisional Series 3-2 they were swept by the Houston Astros 4-0 in the AL Championship series, which was the fourth time in six years that the Yankees were knocked out of the postseason by the Astros. However, this season the Yankees are looking promising. The Yankees have started the season going 10-6 through the first 16 games without looking to quite have got everything right yet. Batting wise the Yankees look pretty good with the addition of Anthony Volpe who has looked promising without being spectacular so far, the position players are coming together nicely and have been pretty good on defence too. The pitching has been what has let the Yankees down so far. However, with three of what was the projected starting rotation out currently in Carlos Rodon, Luis Severino and Frankie Montas, the pitching has been carried by ace Gerrit Cole and Nestor Cortes, while Jhony Brito looked good in his first few starts he let up seven runs in the first innings before being taken out and Clarke Schmidt and Domingo German looking shaky despite the latter having a good day in his last start. With more teams making the playoffs in the new MLB playoff format the Yankees do not need to be fantastic all season, as long as they get at least a wildcard spot, peaking and coming into form at the right time will be the key things for the franchise. If they make it to the postseason, the likelihood of us facing the Houston Astros once again is high but if they can find a way past them, I think this could be the year that ends the 13-year Yankees World Series drought which has lasted since 2009.