Restaurant Reviews: Only the best sandwiches at Avenue Deli and Loupinos


Photo courtesy of Luis Lopez

Some of the best sandwiches are from the delis right on your corner. Avenue Deli and Café and Loupinos are the sandwich hotspots of New Rochelle.

Luis Lopez, Staff Writer

Sandwiches are such a simple idea for food—just take your favorite meat, cheese and other add-ins and put them all together. However, a quality sandwich depends on where you buy it and how it’s prepared. In this article, I’m going to highlight two of the most noteworthy sandwich spots I go to— one is close to Iona and the other is a tad bit farther.  

The first place I would like to highlight is the Avenue Deli and Café, located very close to campus at 704 North Avenue. Avenue deli is one of the most iconic delis around Iona, and with good reason. The friendly staff, quick service and spectacular food makes its iconic status feel well-earned. The deli is my go-to breakfast sandwich spot; I love their bacon egg and cheese sandwiches, as well as their egg and cheese sandwich. I order a ham egg and cheese with Munster cheese, salt, pepper and ketchup. I like American cheese on my eggs, but I’m a big advocate for alternative cheese on my breakfast sandwiches. The meat, egg and cheese sandwiches cost about $5 each, which in my opinion is a bargain. 

 I also enjoy how they prepare their bagels with cream cheese and bacon; the cream cheese is creamy and delicious, and the bacon is crispy and cooked to perfection, which is the perfect way to start your day. If you haven’t gone to ‘the avenue’ for breakfast, lunch or dinner, I highly recommend stopping by and enjoying an incredible sandwich or any selection of their hot food. I love the Avenue Deli which grants the deli a 5/5 on the rating board. 

The second place I would like to highlight is a bit farther from Iona: Loupinos. This deli is located on 111 Pelham Road and is close to Hudson Park, so if you are looking for a good place to relax and enjoy a sandwich, the combination of Loupinos and Hudson Park is perfect for you. I tried Loupinos recently when I was on the hunt for a good pastrami sandwich. I was in for a delicious surprise when I ordered a hot pastrami sandwich from the sandwich shop. I ordered a roll with pastrami, Swiss cheese, sauerkraut and mayonnaise and was delighted to have enjoyed such a flavorful sandwich. The pastrami was warm and tender, and the cheese was cheesy and delicious; the sauerkraut added a nice contrast in flavor to the cheese and pastrami, creating a very incredible sandwich. I recommend this sandwich to anyone who loves pastrami or is interested in trying it for the first time.  

The shop also serves a really good Philly cheese steak on a roll with caramelized onions. I highly recommend it to anyone who loves a good cheesesteak but does not want to drive all the way down to Philadelphia for one. The constant pleasure I get from going to Loupinos earns it a 5/5 on the rating board.