Gaels Chat: Seasonal Allergies


Photo made on Canva by Niomi (Allergy Season)

Seasonal allergies effect every one in three U.S. adults. Here is how some Iona Gaels are coping with the season change.

Niomi Nunez, Features & Lifestyle Editor

It’s springtime, which means the bees will buzz, the flowers will bloom and the pollen will attack. For those suffering with seasonal allergies, springtime can be rough. While others enjoy the rising temperatures and sweet smell of spring, others sneeze, cough and fall sick because of seasonal changes.

Many Gaels around campus experience seasonal allergies that can be quite distressing at times. Here are what some of them had to say about they experience with allergies around this time of year.  

Lucas Quintana is a first-year student majoring in media & strategic communications. He is an esports member and participates in many other clubs. Quintana gets seasonal allergies a lot and regularly takes medicine because of this.  

Q: Describe your allergies. 

A: “My allergies are really bad when spring comes around. I am unable to function because my eyes swell, I get drip in the back of my throat and start coughing a lot.” 

Q: What do you do to combat your allergies? What advice would you give others? 

A: “When it’s a bad day stay inside, and then the next day, follow up and take some medicine. Stay consistent with the medicine so you can feel better.” 

Azenia Letriz is a freshman majoring in business. Letriz finds herself sleeping far more often than usual when her allergies get bad.  

Q: What are your allergies like?  

“At first, my allergies started off in my throat and nose. I feel so uncomfortable because of my allergies. Sometimes, I can’t even function properly. I start feeling dizzy and sometimes I can’t even move. It’s alright in the morning, but as the day goes on it gets worse.” 

Q: What are some of your remedies? 

“I take Claritin, sometimes even Tylenol and sleep. I know that for people with asthma allergies are more serious, so I recommend having an air purifier because it helps clean the air. Also, going outside with a mask when the pollen is bad can help.” 

Timothy Perry is a freshman majoring in business. His experience with allergies is unfavorable to say the least.  

Q: What do your allergies feel like? 

“My allergies are not at all the best. It’s terrible. I really get them in my nose. It feels like pins and needles in the nose.”  

Q: What are some tips and tricks that work for you when it comes to allergies? 

“Hydration helps me best. I drink a lot of fluids to keep me calm. I also use this machine that cleans out my nasals and clears my congestion, but when I don’t have that on me, I just drink water. My advice to others is stay away from flowers!” 

Peter Rosario is a freshman majoring in chemistry and uses at-home remedies to help his allergies.  

Q: When are your allergies the worst? 

 “I hate allergies. For me, they are the worst in the morning. When I wake up in the morning, I feel like I can’t breathe. Sometimes, I blow my nose so hard blood comes out, but even then, after doing all that, I still feel congested and can’t breathe properly.”  

Q: What helps relieve your congestion? 

“For medicine, my mom gives me black seed oil. I also take a disposable tablet that helps with my sinuses and Allegra. I also pray for the rest of the day. Everyone’s experience with allergies is different so I suggest people do want’s best for them.” 

Zane Schonebreg is a freshman majoring in marketing and entrepreneurship. He is a DJ and the director of special events for the Gaels’ Activities Board. To stay on top of his busy schedule, Schonebreg has to take allergy medication. 

Q: What are some of your allergy symptoms? 

“Allergies suck. For me I get a runny nose, watery eyes. It happens when the seasons change for me, so from summer to winter and summer to winter.”  

Q: What medicine works for you? 

“Allegra is my best friend. My advice to others is find the right medicine that works for you. Allegra 12-hour works for me, and Claritin works for my mom. So, it is all about me finding the right medicine.”