Iona receives $12 million donation to build Beans Hall

Niomi Nunez, Features & Lifestyle Editor

Iona University has received a $12 billion donation from Goya Foods to build what will be its newest residence hall, Beans Hall, according to the director of Residential Life Aaron Harman.  

Sister-hall to Rice Hall, Bean Hall, will be located in the back of campus by the parking garage. The building will be legume shaped, curving around the Donald E. Walsh field at Rice Oval, according to AVeryFake Construction Company (ACC). A blueprint from ACC revealed Beans Hall will have six floors, each of which is named after a different bean: pinto, garbanzo, lentil, black, green and kidney beans.  

“We are really excited about this project,” Harman said. “We think students will enjoy  living there.” 

The building will also feature a legume aroma that is similar to the vicious smells engraved in Rice Hall’s carpeting, according to Residential Life Assistant Director, Chasity Wilson.   

“Beans Hall will be a resident favorite,” Wilson said. “I just know it will be.” 

The first and second floors—Pinto and Garbanzo—of Beans Hall will be singles while the rest of the floors—lentil, black, green and kidney—will house between 10 and 50 students.  

“The more in one room the merrier,” Harman said.   

Goya donated the money after hearing about Iona’s Rice Hall, which stands alone in the back of campus. Goya’s CEO, Bob Unanue, felt it was only right to pair Beans with Rice.  

“We have never heard of rice without beans,” Unanue said. “We wanted to make Iona’s campus a more seasoned place by adding what will be the fantastic Bean Hall.” 

Construction is set to begin Jan. 6, 2023, which also happens to be National Bean Day.  


DISCLAIMER: This is an April fools article. None of the above is true as it is apart of the April fools section of our March 30th Issue. Not meant to be taken seriously.