Restaurant Reviews: Unique ice cream and boba tea flavors at YUM Ice Cream


From taro ice cream to mango popping boba tea, YUM Ice cream is perfect for those with a sweet tooth.

Luis Lopez, Staff Writer

Rolled ice cream and boba tea go together like peanut butter and jelly, and if you’re looking for a place to get some ice cream and boba, then YUM Ice Cream located at 8 Anderson Avenue has got you covered.  

The ice cream shop is closed on Mondays and is open from 1 p.m. to 9 p.m. Tuesday to Friday and until 10 p.m. on the weekends. The shop has been open since 2018 and has been my go-to boba/ ice cream spot ever since.  

For those unaware, rolled ice cream originates from Thailand and consists of milk, cream and sugar as well as other mix-ins to add flavors and variety. The ingredients are rolled up on a metal plate which freezes the milk, cream and other ingredients to make ice cream. The shop has many options for their ice cream flavors and ingredient combinations. They have preset ice cream and ingredient combinations, so you can even make your own.  

One of my personal recommendations for ice cream flavors is the “I Love Latte,” which is a coffee ice cream prepared with condensed milk, teddy grahams and hazelnut sticks which all pair together perfectly for a nice caffeinated, creamy dessert.  “I Love Latte” is a top contender for my favorite ice creams at the shop, but a very close second is the “Purple Girl,” which consists of taro flavored ice cream, toasted marshmallow and chocolate pocky. The flavor combination is nothing short of delicious.  

For those confused by “taro ice cream,” taro is a root vegetable that originates from Southeast Asia and tastes too unique to explain, I recommend giving the ice cream flavor or boba a try. On the topic of boba, the shop offers a multitude of boba flavors and toppings for their drinks. My top three boba flavors and topping combinations include a taro milk boba tea with tapioca pearls, a passion fruit juice with strawberry popping boba and iced coffee latte with tapioca pearls. 

 The other toppings for boba include, mango popping boba, kiwi popping boba and lychee jelly, all these toppings pair well with all the tea flavors on their menu and I encourage mix and matching different drinks and topping combinations to see which one suits you best. If boba and rolled ice cream are not your speed, the shop also makes smoothies. My favorite smoothie flavor at the shop includes the passion fruit smoothie, strawberry mango smoothie and pineapple smoothie. All the smoothies served at the shop offer a nice, cool, flavorful and refreshing taste in every sip. YUM Ice Cream is an ice cream/boba shop worth the small walk or drive and always delivers high quality drinks and desserts well worth the rather reasonable price. I strongly recommend giving YUM a try and treating your taste buds to a deliciously sweet, flavor packed journey that is unforgettable. This restaurant’s rating is a 5/5.