Prioritizing self-care


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Taking care of yourself is part of the equation of success.

Jordan Correa and Niomi Nunez

Nowadays, self-care is something that is overlooked. Self-care is when you provide yourself with mental or physical nourishment, prioritizing your well-being above all else.  Knowing when to take a break is essential to beginning your self-care journey. You can only take a break if you are able to recognize when your body needs one.  

Self-care is overlooked because many prioritize work and school over their own well-being. It can be hard for someone with a hectic schedule to recognize when they need a break and set aside some time for themselves to just relax and rest. College students may feel that struggle the most when trying to balance all aspects of their life. Taking on huge loads of work makes self-care seem like an impossible task for college students. Yet, no matter how busy one is, there is always time for self-care.  

Probably one of the most important ways to care for yourself is by getting some rest. Fixing your sleeping habits is the best way to ensure that you are tending to your own needs. Everyone needs rest, especially those who find themselves “up and at ‘em” every day of the week. Good sleeping habits are important for self-care because without a proper sleeping routine you will not be able to focus on your daily tasks and the little things —like paying attention in class and remembering class material. Sleep habits that are inconsistent can lead to fatigue and exhaustion—the opposite of self-care. It is said that students and young adults should aim for up to 8 hours of sleep.  

Meditation is another way to engage in self-care. Try going someplace private, so as to not be bothered, and begin focusing on yourself for a specified amount of time to free yourself from your anxieties and obligations. Meditation helps people relax and clears people’s heads of negative thoughts. Self-care can start with a simple 10 minutes of meditation, allowing a person to regain focus and the energy from stressful upcoming events.  

Going out and participating in activities with family or friends is a great way to help with your self-care. It is said that, as humans, we are social creatures, so interacting with others can be a form of self-care. Self-care is commonly understood as the practice of taking care of yourself by yourself—but this isn’t necessarily true. You can take care of yourself by allowing yourself to interact and engage in activities with the people that make you happiest. Doing things with the people you love is great and can help people drastically.  

Self–care is important for everyone, and these self-care tips should help you when you need time for a break. Taking time out of your day to take a break from your tasks and really take care of yourself from time to time will help you both physically and mentally. Pursuing those goals is not easy and self-care along the way will help make things not as tough. Self-care will help improve yourself in more aspects than one can think of and can help you in the journey to your goals.