Resurrecting fashion trends from the past


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Whether you like it or not, fashion trends from the past are making a comeback and plan to stay a little while longer.

Niomi Nunez, Features & Lifestyle Editor

History is bound to repeat itself and is doing so in recent fashion trends. Today, fashion is all about popularizing what was once the chokehold of past generations. From flared pants to oversized blazers, past-fashion trends are proving that they are here to stay.  

Recently, fashionistas have been drawing inspiration from the 70s, 90s and early 2000s, to create both a modern and retro closet aesthetic. Each decade is unique in their style, but similar in their structure, and they are coming together to create the fashion looks for today.  

Straight out of the 70s, high-rise, flare pants are coming back stronger than ever—except this time around, they have a little twist. These days, high-rise flare pants come in all shapes and sizes, as opposed to the traditional denim Levi’s flare jeans. Trends of flared leggings and flared slacks have taken the crown from the once-popular skinny jeans.  

Also from the early 70s, psychedelic prints and patterns are making a return. Popularizing the hippie-aesthetic, these psychedelic prints are gaining the attention of both millennials and Gen-Z. These groovy prints are being used on crops tops, sweaters, handbags, swimsuits—just about everything.  

Don’t forget about those 70s halter tops! Also popular in the 2000s, these tiny, neck-pulling tops are beginning to reappear in both casual and dressed-up looks. Typically, the tops are paired with some type of either flared or baggy pants, completing the 70s aesthetic look.  

Speaking of baggy jeans, fashion trends from the 90s are also coming back. Baggier looks can be credited to the efficient and comfy style of the 90s. Loose-fitting jeans and oversized sweaters are perhaps the most popular amongst college-students—and honestly, why wouldn’t they be? Both cute and comfy, oversized clothing is perfect for feeling and looking good.  

As much as it was a time for comfort, it was also a time for “little black dresses,” or anything little in general, but little dresses in particular gained attraction in the 90’s and have remained through the 00s and 2010’s and into the 2020s. These dresses are here to stay as they continue to be both fashion staples and wardrobe necessities.  

Denim is what the 2000s—perhaps more than any other generation—thrived on. While denim itself has never left, its abundance has declined over the years—that was until recently. Now fashionistas are hooked on denim. From denim vests to low-rise denim jeans, this classic blue rough material is making a strong comeback.  

From the 2000s, matching sweatsuit sets are also here to stay. People have been recently wearing plush sweatsuits as a posh-like aesthetic. Often paired with a tiny handbag and a pair of bugeye sunglasses, the sweat suits raced their way into the present day wardrobe of many taking a trip down “nostalgia” lane.  

The world of fashion is constantly changing, while also drawing inspiration from its past. Many fashion trends that feel new and fresh are probably borrowing from a trend that would be considered old or outdated by many. Most of today’s trendy fashion looks are a love letter to popularized looks of the past.