Love, Gaels: ‘He’s just a rose-colored memory’


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In this issue’s “Love, Gaels” column, Audrey McMillin recalls a lost love with a lover who is still close by.

Audrey McMillin, Contributing Writer

I wonder if when you see her and pass by her on the street, pretending she’s just another stranger, that a part of you remembers the people you used to be together behind closed doors.  

They met in September. He walked through the door of her first class with his chest out and head held high. She couldn’t help but look as he entered the room, for there was something about the way he walked that spewed confidence. He had long, chestnut brown hair and big, brown eyes that had a kind of mystery behind them. There were plenty of seats to sit at, but he walked right to the seat next to her. 

 She hid a smile that started to uncontrollably form as she felt something start to stir in her stomach, as it was a sensation she hadn’t felt in a long time. Butterflies. This feeling blinded her for she wanted to dive deeper into these feelings without warning. The two ended up taking over the phone; he made her heart pound as the topics of conversations got more interesting, putting her under a deeper spell. It wasn’t long until the girl found herself laying on the boy’s lap in his room watching a Broadway show for a class project they were assigned to do together. 

 His hand rested gently on her head, and she found his touch calming. She slowly fell asleep on his lap, then embarrassingly woke up, as she shyly looked up at the boy who gave her a gentle smile. He found her falling asleep on him amusing. She saw it in his eyes. A tickle fight commenced, and the girl found herself under the boy, laughing as he trapped her under him with his hands on her wrists, pinning her down. 

 He looked down at her with a smile and a tilt in his head. The boy leaned in with a quick, unexpected kiss as the girl pulled him in and kissed him back. It started with a question, “May I?” They soon found themselves spending more time with each other in her room with a locked door and shut blinds. It wasn’t what they did in the dark but the things he did in the light that made her fall harder. The way he would look at her and make her heart pound uncontrollably. He once lifted her off her bed, carried her in his arms, just to place her down in front of her bathroom mirror to call her beautiful when she felt ugly.  

It was on days they would be out together, that he would stand close behind her like he was guarding her. When he had to leave her, he’d kiss her goodbye in public. But like in any love story, time was not on their side. The girl wanted something more, but the boy wasn’t ready to give more, so he pulled away as she tried to pull him closer, causing them to part. The boy soon disappeared out of her life. Now, when the two pass one another on the street, they look right past each other. The girl is left with the rose-colored memories they made together wondering if he too thinks about the people they used to be behind close