Cheap, last minute spring break destinations


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It’s not too late to plan a quick spring break vacation. Here are some cheap and fun spring break destinations that might be worth checking out.

Jordan Correa, Staff Writer

Spring break is right around the corner, and for the many students still hoping to plan a trip, there are still a lot of places to go. This spring break is all about relaxation and rejuvenation, especially after midterm week. 

 Even though spring break is approaching, there is still time to start planning your spring break destination. As college students, some of us may not have the luxury to go to a five-star vacation spot this spring break. That is okay because this article will serve as a guide to help you find the cheapest spring break destinations spots.  

The first cheap spring break destination spot is Panama City Beach in Florida. This spot is claimed to be the world’s most beautiful beach. The whitesanded beaches in Panama City, along with the convenience of being so close to a hotel makes this trip worthwhile. Panama City is a beautiful and not at all costly spring break destination. Panama City also hosts different events on their beaches, where games are played and prizes are won.  

The next cheap spring break destination is none other than Daytona Beach in Florida. Daytona Beach is referred to as “the original spring break party” and is probably one of the most popular spots for a college student’s spring break vacation. Daytona Beach is known for its hard packed sand, which is the best to do motorsports on. Motorsports are what take Daytona Beach goers by storm. If you are a student who loves to party, eat the best beach food there is and enjoy motorsports events, Daytona Beach is the one for you. 

Another cheap spring break destination is New Orleans, Louisiana. If you are someone who enjoys music, late night street festivals and some of the best food, New Orleans is the place for you  this spring. One of the best places in New Orleans is Bourbon Street. Bourbon Street is famous for its non-stop energy, spectacular music and bars. New Orleans is a great place for college students on a budget and is known for college students who consider themselves “foodies”. There are varieties of foods on this street like jambalaya, Creole food and muffalettas.   

Savannah, Georgia is a cheap spring break destination that all college students can go visit and see its many attractions. Savannah, Georgia is known as the oldest city in Georgia, so if you are a history guru this is the perfect spring break destination for you. Since it was founded in 1733, the old rich history of this city is everywhere. Along with its museums, this city is like a time machine. On almost every street there is some type of history that goes along with it. . If you want to learn more about another city’s history, while relaxing, the city of Savannah is the place to visit.