Throwback corner: A love letter to ‘The Wizard of Oz’


Photo Courtesy of Kobal

The Wizard of Oz still brings life despite the film’s age.

Morgan Biesty, Staff Writer

I have loved film and television since I was a little kid, and my all-time favorite movie is “The Wizard of Oz. It’s funny that the film makes me feel nostalgic because my grandparents probably feel the same way. Every so often, my family reminds me of how I used to watch it twice a day, every day. They say I would restart the movie every time instead of waiting until the end. I don’t think I understood why I did that at the age of four,but now I think it was because I never wanted the movie to end; it was magical every time. 


You would think a child born in 2004 wouldn’t be interested in such an old movie. However, I’ve often been called an old soul, and I love that compliment. My second all-time favorite movie is “Willy Wonka & The Chocolate Factory, people are usually shocked when they realize I’m talking about the one that came out in 1971. I was never really obsessed with animated television shows and movies that other kids my age watched as I find live-action more entertaining and relatable. I remember people in middle-school would always try to come up with negative things to say about the “The Wizard of Oz,” but I never let them change my opinion. Old movies looked so real since CGI didn’t exist, and every time I watch “The Wizard of Oz, I fall in love with it all over again. The vibrant colors, uplifting music and enthusiastic characters bring so much joy.  


One of my favorite scenes was when Dorothy first walked down the yellow brick road with all the Munchkins. It was such a fun, energetic scene, and when I was little, I was convinced I wanted to be Dorothy Gale. I dressed up as her for Halloween two years in a row which is some serious dedication. Dorothy and I both have vast imaginations and w often create different scenarios and daydreams because it feels like being in a whole different world. I also believe that each main character alongside Dorothy has impacted my personality as well. The Scarecrow and I believe intelligence and self-confidence are important things in life. The Tin Man and I both have big hearts and want the best for those we love. The Cowardly Lion and I share the struggle of being anxious and overthinking every word we say. This movie has shaped who I am today. I do wish I remembered the first time I watched it to relive that moment of awe and fascination and to know exactly when I fell in love with fantasy and magic. 


“The Wizard of Oz” will always remind me of my childhood. The quote, “There’s no place 

like home,” has stuck with me for years because I’ve always felt attached to the house my family fully moved into when I was an infant. My old soul will never go away, thanks to “The Wizard of Oz.” No matter how many more movies I discover, “The Wizard of Oz” will always be first for me.