Netflix’s new golf series ‘Full Swing’ is a hole-in-one


Photo Courtesy of Netflix

Rory McIlroy emerges as one of the key tour players in Full Swing.

Connor Coppola, Staff Writer

Netflix continues on the back of the highly successful Formula One documentary with “Full Swing,” a behind-the-curtain look at the world of professional golf. The eight-episode series features some of the biggest stars in the sport, including Justin Thomas, Rory McIlroy and others. The game of golf, which to some casual viewers might be boring, was given a reality show spin. Each episode features one or a pair of PGA pros and showed us what their lives are like on and off the course. The show takes viewers through the four major championships in golf, which are the biggest tournaments of the year, and displays how extremely difficult this sport can be. 

 Justin Thomas is featured in the first episode and viewers can see his journey to the top of the golf world, alongside his best friend Jordan Spieth. Without spoiling any of the episodes, most of the golfers featured had joyful endings to their segments. The main antagonist of the series is the LIV golf league, backed by the kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Some of the best golfers have been leaving the PGA tour for the LIV league because of the monstrous paychecks that come with the Saudi-owned league. However, players who left have received scrutiny and backlash because of where their paychecks are coming from.  

Ian Poulter, featured in episode three, discussed his decision and reason for leaving, stating that he is older and wants to spend more time with his family. This response sounds reasonable – who would not want to work a job less and get paid more for their time? The problem is that the people who are cashing the checks have been known to commit horrible hate crimes and have some of the worst reputations around the world.  

Later in the series, viewers see the battle between fatherhood and work with Tony Finau. He had a rough upbringing in Utah and wants to be the best dad possible for his four kids. The athlete has become a fan favorite after his episode, which will lead to more spectators cheering for his name this season. Episode seven treated viewers to the “rookie” life of golfers, and how hard it is to crack into the big leagues. Mito Pereria and Sahith Theegala are two up-and-comers, and the show gives a glimpse of the physical and mental toll that comes with this sport. Theegala, who is Indian, talked about how hard it can be for people like him to become involved in the sport and make it in the PGA tour. He credits one of the greatest golfers of all time, Tiger Woods, for inspiring him to chase his dreams and become a professional golfer.  

The final episode of the series ends with Rory McIlroy, the second most recognizable name in golf. Rory displayed a refreshing, unfiltered version of himself, talking about the state of golf and the changes that need to happen. For viewers who have never watched golf before, “Full Swing” is certainly a great introduction to the sport and provides entertainment with the players’ personal lives. Season two has already been confirmed and has started production, which means more eyeballs and excitement around the game of golf.