Rihanna’s Super Bowl performance was still good

Lachlan Wellington, Sports Editor

In the words of Shaquille O’Neal, I believe that people underwhelmed by Rihanna’s Super Bowl halftime performance should “shut your face.”  


Just kidding, you are entitled to your opinion, but mine is that she actually did a really good job and managed to live up to the bill of what the Super Bowl audience excepts and desires.  


There have been some pretty underwhelming Super bowl performances over the years, ones that really missed the spot, but I do not believe this was one of those.  


I know many people were disappointed and let down by Rihanna’s halftime show, but to me it was still an amazing gig and done in an awesome way. Yes, obviously she was not dancing quite up to the standard she has set, but let’s not forget that she confirmed that she was pregnant and yet still came out to perform at one of the biggest sporting events in the world. Not to mention that she was hoisted into mid-air on an isolated platform.  


Her singing was still on-point and she went through a wonderful repertoire of some of her top songs including Rude Boy, We Found Love, Work and All of the Lights. She did not miss a single beat.  


Now, I do think that there were a few too many of the dancers dressed in white surrounding her and almost swarming her in some parts of her performance, but she still did a great job. These dancers were also perhaps there to distract and take away some of the dancing burden from Rihanna who was perhaps slightly hindered by her pregnancy and would not have been able to move in her usual fashion, but this would be expected as she is clearly a few months along.  


I actually quite liked the set for the Arizona performance. The moving platforms allowed Rihanna to take center stage and be at the forefront of the start and the end of the performance, while she moved around on the ground during the middle part. Umbrella and Diamonds were typical prime Rihanna songs only befitting of the ending to a performance on a global stage at one of the biggest events any artist can ever dream of performing at.  


We live in a world where everyone has opinions and believes that they should be able to voice their opinion and petition against anything they do not like. Freedom is a blessing as well as a burden on all of society. Sometimes we just have to sit back, relax and watch a fantastic artist do their thing without expecting every performance to do something different, after all, most things that could have been done have already been doing regarding stage performance and the set.