Love, Gaels: ‘She was sweet like ice cream’


Photo by Eduardo Soares Bogosian on Stockvault

For this issue’s “Love, Gaels” column, Audrey McMillin reflects on the time she spent with the grandma, playing “doctors” and blowing bubbles.

Audrey McMillin, Contributing Writer

There is nothing better than a fun game of “pretend” with my grandma. When my grandma would come over to my house, she would do checkups on me using my doctors kit I got when I was little. I would sit down on my couch with her as she pretended to be my doctor and examine me. I don’t know what was more fun: the pretend part, or my grandma being my doctor for a few minutes.  

I’m not sure what it was, but even though it was pretend, it seemed all so real to me when I was little. My grandma would place her soft, cold and wrinkly hands lightly on my arm as she held a plastic looking needle up to my arm. She would pretend to give me a shot and as she did so she would say, “This is to help protect you from germs.”  

My grandma would then grab a plastic stethoscope from my doctor kit to check my heart as she listened carefully to my heartbeat as I took deep breaths in and out for her. I then would grab the reflex hammer in excitement for it was one of my favorite instruments and handed it to my grandma as she tapped lightly on my knees to make sure they still moved. Sometimes, to be funny, I would pretend my legs stopped working and my grandmother would have to try harder to make sure my legs still move.  

She would always laugh at my jokes during my appointment. My checkup was almost done so I would ask my grandmother to check my ears and my mouth. She would tell me to open my mouth super wide, stick my tongue out and say “Ahhhhhhh.” My grandmother was the best doctor out there and when my checkup was all done, she would give me a pretend lollipop and tell me “You are a healthy young girl and will live a long, beautiful life.”  

I can’t help but reminisce about the memories I made with my grandmother when I was little. There was always a new adventure with my grandma. It didn’t matter if it was playing pretend doctor or even playing outside blowing bubbles. Oh, the bubbles! I would get super excited when my grandmother would bring out bubbles. She would have so many wands to blow all different sized bubbles. Big bubbles, small bubbles, one bubble, even a million bubbles. Oh, I loved to watch how they would fly high in the sky and watch them pop from afar. I would try to see which bubbles would stay alive the longest. I never wanted to go back inside.  

After a long-time blowing bubbles, my grandma would boil hotdogs and make beans and I’d sit with her and my grandpa and enjoy a nice lunch with them. That was a perfect day for me. I hold these memories close to my heart and there are many more to be told. My grandma was one of my best friends when I was little, and we did everything together. I tell these stories to keep the memory of my grandma alive and to show everyone to see what a wonderful woman she was to me.