Quinnipiac University beats Iona in Super Smash Bros

Cameron Woolley, Staff Writer

The Iona Super Smash Bros A team lost to Quinnipiac University by a score of 16-10 on Jan. 31, but there was controversy during the game and the result was contested by both teams.  

The team has found their footing lately, winning three of their first four Metro-Atlantic Athletic Conference (MAAC) matches, including an upset victory over #2 seed Marist College. They also beat Mount Saint Mary’s University and Rider University.  

The performances of team captain Daniel “Pado” Smyth and Jordan “JSmoove” Providence have headlined this recent hot stretch for a previously struggling team that has recently dealt with the loss of Emmanuel “LevelOne” Lojano for academic reasons.  

Their match against 11-1 (#1 seed) Quinnipiac University was another test for the Gaels. It was the second match of a double header for Iona that night, their first match being a 24-8 victory over last place Rider University.  

With momentum riding high, Iona was excited to get another shot against the top team. The rematch went similarly to the first meeting, as both teams traded blows with each side winning 2 of the first 4 sets, bringing it down a decider.  

Brian “Loftz” Massello and Providence won their sets while Lucas “Lubando” Quintana and Andrew “Kibbs” Kabilian lost theirs. It came down to Smyth to try and beat Quinnipiac University.  

One of the Quinnipiac players challenged Smyth to a Captain Falcon ditto, which is when both players play as Captain Falcon. Smyth accepted this contingency. 

“I was groomed into doing the Falcon ditto,” Smyth said.  

Smyth had rarely played the character in competitive play leading up to this match. The Bobcats went on to win the set in 2 games, making the final score 16-10 to Quinnipiac University.  

However, Smyth went on to propose a THUG final, which puts the whole match on a single game and the Bobcats accepted this offer. 

Smyth won the game, sending the team into hysterics, believing they had upset the top school in the conference.  

Quinnipiac University, despite initially agreeing to the THUG final, would contest the result and submit the original score of 16-10 to the conference, with multiple hours of deliberation it ended up being the official score.  

“I did win THUG finals, which means we did actually win, and that’s all I’m going to say,” Smyth said. 

The Gaels currently sit 5th in the MAAC standings and will play Manhattan College in the quarterfinals of the MAAC tournament on March 10.  

They could once again face Quinnipiac University in the semi-finals, which would be a chance for the Gaels to get them back for this controversial defeat.