‘Glass Onion’ brings mystery, suspense as worthy sequel to ‘Knives Out’


Photo Courtesy of Netflix

Daniel Craig plays famous detective among an all-star cast in the sequel to Knives Out.

Jamie Sullivan, Contributing Writer

When it was announced that Rian Johnson’s film ‘Knives Out’ would become a franchise, many fans expressed skepticism about how preceding installments would hold up to the original. “Glass Onion,” however, was able to meet those expectations and prove that Johnson has truly found his niche. Set during the pandemic in 2020, the film takes Daniel Craig as Detective Benoit Blanc on a new case as he’s invited to a Greek island to solve a mystery revolving around billionaire, Miles Bron, and his group of friends. After someone unexpectedly turns up dead, Blanc’s skills are put to the test in an environment where everyone truly is a suspect. 


Much like “Knives Out”, the moments where “Glass Onion” truly shines is with its large ensemble cast where everyone is given their time in the spotlight. Whether it be Kate Hudson as the ditzy character, Birdie, or Dave Bautista showing the reach of his acting talents as Duke, there is not one bad performance to be found. Out of all the characters, no one quite reaches the intrigue that radiates from Janelle Monae in their performance as Andi. Monae’s character is one of the most heavily involved in the story of “Glass Onion,” thus giving them the most to do. Even with all the pressure, Monae holds their own and gives a stellar performance that is worthy of the record books. Besides its main cast, Johnson also gives its viewers cameos to look out for that include Ethan Hawke from Marvel’s “Moon Knight” and the late composer Stephen Sondheim. 


“Glass Onion” would also not be the same film without the  talents that lie behind the camera. One of the factors most worthy of praise is the costumes from the mind of “Knives Out” veteran, Jenny Eagan. With this film, costumes are treated as a part of each character with elements showing off different parts of their personalities even before we truly meet or get to know them. From what masks the characters are wearing to their swimsuits, each piece perfectly encapsulates who they are in every way. Another major returner is Nathan Johnson, who is the composer of the film. The score contributes much to the film’s overall atmosphere from the sinister nature of some of the strings to the softer beats in the more emotional moments. It is through these elements that the amount of care and thought that went into the making of the film can really be felt. 


With all of the expectations placed on the film , it is truly remarkable to see “Glass Onion” not only live up to “Knives Out,” but also hold its own as a standalone sequel. Hailed by several critics as one of the best films of 2022, it  has gained award show buzz and even received two Golden Globe nominations. The passion for the franchise can be felt with how those involved speak about it, most notably with both Craig and Johnson expressing interest with making as many films in the universe as possible. Johnson’s two-picture deal with Netflix leaves room for at least one more mystery with Benoit Blanc, and we can only hope that the contract is extended following the third film’s release.