GAB rocks with crocs at campus event


Photocredit Ellory Rose Hankla

Aiden Rodriguez and Alejandro Flores Anguiano pose together with jibbitz.

Ellory Rose Hankla, Contributing Writer

With students returning to campus and classes starting, the Gaels Activity Board (GAB) decided to celebrate by offering students something to express themselves in the form of Crocs jibbitz at an event on Jan. 18.  

Although jibbitz originated in the late 2000s, they have risen to popularity in recent years just in time for Y2K revival. Many students wear crocs around campus, and jibbitz give them a chance to express themselves though the unique collections they have amassed. Between letters, animals, Pokémon or tv characters, jibbitz allow for self-expression similarly to stickers or pins.  

“I like jibbitz,” student Emily Healy said. “They make my crocs unique, and I like to show them off to my friends. I think they are really snazzy.”  

During activity hour on Jan. 18, a mass of students appeared in the Student Union building and clumped together in a line that stretched the length of the entire entryway. A team of GAB representatives brought with them a pile of jibbitz ranging in sizes, and students collected their favorites to take home, which included but were not limited to flowers, hearts and food.  

“I’m glad that GAB put on this event,” said Healy. “It was nice to have something fun among the stress of syllabus week.”  

The event was also an opportunity for GAB to drum up interest in the board and try to find possible new members. The Gaels Activity Board is an extremely prominent group on campus, as they organize many events throughout the year.  

With the Iona community starting to get back into the routine of the spring semester, more events and fun activities are sure to help the community connect with each other and show off the variety of interests that Iona has to offer.