Food for everyone at Chicken Joe’s


Photo courtesy of Luiz Lopez

From chicken sandwiches to chicken nuggets, Chicken Joes will leave you satisfied.

Luis Lopez, Staff Writer

Chicken and French fries are a match made in heaven and the specialty of New Rochelle’s most famous chicken establishment, Chicken Joe’s. It’s located on 768 North Ave, which is less than a five-minute walk from campus. The restaurant opens at 10:00 a.m. and closes at 6:00 or 8:00 p.m. depending on the day of the week, it is always worth the stop if you have the time. 

The restaurant serves primarily fried chicken but in unique ways. They serve wraps, sandwiches and chicken and French fry combos. The most iconic and commonly ordered dish on their menu is the “High School Special,” which is half a pound of their famous nuggets with either French fries, potato cones, or both, in addition to onion rings, zucchini, mushrooms, corn fritters or mac and cheese bites. You can even add chili or cheese for an additional $2. I recommend getting nuggets with the potato cones, which are essentially fried mashed potato balls and are delicious.  

All the nugget specials can be spiced up with some of their signature seasoning and is a must have for anyone trying the food; as it adds a flavorful component to the tender and delicious fries. Their chicken wings are delicious, and I recommend that if you order them, you get them “extra well done.” It adds a nice crispy crunchy texture to the flavorful wings and paired with seasoned fries, it will leave your taste buds in awe. The wraps offered at the restaurant are delicious as well. My favorite wraps include the “College Wrap” which consists of chicken nuggets, potato cones, American cheese and honey mustard and the “Water Polo Wrap” which consists of “bangin’ chicken bites,” bacon, BBQ sauce and cheddar cheese. Both wraps are packed full of flavor and are the perfect lunch food. The “bangin’ bites” are not solely found in their wraps; you can also find them in their own dishes with fries and all sorts of sauces on top of the bites such as hot sauce, ranch and honey mustard.  

Another item on their menu I recommend is the X-Tasty fries which are fries drenched in ranch dressing, American cheese and bacon bites, and they are full of flavor and my go-to dish at Chicken Joe’s. The restaurant also serves Buffalo chicken fries which consists of Buffalo chicken bangin’ bites, fries, celery and topped with ranch or bleu cheese dressing, and they are the perfect combination of spicy, savory and crunchy. Chicken Joe’s also serves a plethora of breakfast options ranging from the breakfast classic bacon, egg & cheese to specialty omelets like the “Western Omelet” which is made with peppers, onions and ham or the “Meat Lovers Omelet” which consists of bacon, ham, sausage & cheese and is served with toast, home fries and a small coffee all for only $10, which is a great deal for breakfast.  

The restaurant has something for everyone, and I recommend it for all students looking for a good place for chicken. This restaurant’s rating is a 3.5/5.