Club basketball rounds out semester with media day


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The men’s and women’s club basketball are just two of Iona’s nine club sports programs. 

Paul Lawani, Contributing Writer

 The Iona club basketball team held their highly anticipated media day on Dec. 2. The new regime has played 4 games already this semester, going 2-0 against their season opener opponents Adelphi University followed by a feverish couple of games split at Quinnipiac, making their overall record 3-1 on the season. However, despite being 3-1, the event of media day has given the 15-man roster a new feeling of communion and unity expanding through all the Gaels. 2nd year veterans Rhamil Ousely & Jamal Christopher spoke about expectations and obstacles they may face following their upcoming games.  

“Obviously [we want] to go all the way to nationals…although we must put ego aside,’’ said Ousely when asked about the biggest hurdle the team must overcome to get to the ideal end goal of a chance to play at the national championship game at Indiana. 

 “We feel like we’ve played our worst, which is scary because we’re still 3-1, yet with the tools, athleticism and motivation we have we can go far,” Christopher said.  

The team has its sights no lower than a championship or bust mentality especially with fresh new additions to the roster such as first-year player Lynai Dunwoody who spoke on the coaching aspect of his newly cemented team.  

“It is okay to make mistakes as long as you are continuously learning from them,’’ Dunwoody said when asked the most dynamic lesson second tenure Coach Jackson had taught him not only about basketball, but as a lesson on maturity and manhood. 

Overall, the team does have a high level of adversity to overcome in order to get the goal they set out to attain. Yet the most difficult opponent they must face this season is ultimately themselves.