Restaurant reviews: Smokehouse Tailgate Grill brings BBQ classics to North Ave


Photo courtesy of Luis Lopez

After its long-awaited return, SHTG has made quite the comeback with its smokey and tangy BBQ flavors.

Luis Lopez, Staff Writer

Barbeque food is a delicious delicacy, but many people find it difficult to go to a consistently good barbecue spot. Look no further – Smokehouse Tailgate Grill is the place to be. Located on 587 North Ave, this tailgate grill is the perfect place for students to enjoy quality barbecue food with a welcoming fun environment. The restaurant is unfortunately closed on Mondays but is open Tuesday through Sunday.

The establishment offers many delicious appetizers including their “Tailgate wings” which are chicken wings smoked over a fire and coated with agave butter glaze and either Nashville hot sauce or Alabama BBQ sauce. My personal favorite appetizer they serve is the “Brisket Empanadas” which are the perfect way to start off your meal. The empanadas are made with braised brisket, mozzarella cheese and a special sauce that is packed full of flavor and pairs perfectly with the well-seasoned and prepared brisket in the empanadas. When I had the braised brisket from the empanadas, I knew I wanted more for my entrée, so I ordered the “Chopped Brisket” sandwich, and I was not disappointed with my decision. The sandwich consists of a nice, toasted bread with braised brisket, homemade BBQ sauce grilled to perfection, onions and cheesy mozzarella cheese which all culminate into a delicious, jam-packed-with-flavor sandwich, which I highly recommend to all who would like to try brisket for the first time. 

 I also had the luxury of trying another one of their delectable dishes containing brisket which were tacos containing brisket, sauce, red onions and chives. It was one of their daily specials, and I encourage students to go and try any of their daily specials because the tacos I had were some of the best around, bursting with flavor and cooked to perfection, it was a rollercoaster of good food for my tastebuds.  

The restaurant also has a signature dry rub seasoning called the “Tailgate Rub” which pairs perfectly with everything served at the restaurant and even adds a unique flavor on top of French fries, although it is advertised for the more “meatier” dishes. The grill also offers some incredible desserts, that includes the “Cast Iron Cookie” which is a chocolate chip cookie baked to order served with Longford’s vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce. They also serve “Iced Coffee Bread Pudding” which is bread pudding soaked in cold brew and topped with homemade whipped cream, caramel sauce and raspberry sauce. 

 For the indecisive people, they also serve a dessert called the “Dessert Flight” which is bread pudding, cheesecake, and an upside-down ice cream cone, so it offers a bit of something for everyone. They also offer handspun milkshakes that pair well with any of the dishes offered at the establishment. The restaurant also has large TVs sprinkled throughout the walls, always playing whatever sport is relevant for the time, so it is a great place to rally up some friends and watch the game and have some great food. This restaurant’s rating is a 4.8/5.