Last minute Christmas gift ideas


Photo made on Canvas

The holiday season slows down for no one, so if you forgot to buy that gift, here are some creative last minute Christmas gifts to consider.

Paul Lawani, Contributing Writer

As the days toward Christmas begin to count down, it’s easy with a busy schedule to tend to forget about the season of thinking about others. Nonetheless you’re in luck because if you happen to want to avoid the long lines and procrastination of shipping dates here are some sentimental last minute seasonal gifts you can get those who you simply forgot existed.  


 Number One – Toilet Paper 


I know it seems ridiculous to give the gift of something so simple… but it’s an essential. There have been numerous times when you’ve sat comfortably on the toilet to turn to no avail of the one thing you need to get up. Not only will you be providing an undervalued and overlooked part of someone’s day to day, you’ll at least get to put a smile on the faces of those you love when you give them the gift they simply could never have expected. 



Number Two – A plant 


  Talk about necessities, am I right? We all want those most meaningful to us to live long, healthy fulfilled lives, that can’t happen if they can’t breathe a breath of fresh air. You’ve now got them covered! With the gift of a plant you’re providing a constant oxygen-pumping natural organism to add even more memories, thoughts, and impactful moments. They’ll be thanking you for the one gift that provides an essential to their natural system of bodily function. Ahh, breathe in the season of giving.  


 Number Three- A hug 


Yes, yes, meaningless, I know. I recently took a step back to hug a fellow human being and realized the fact that it simply boosts morale. Now in times so troubling and ambiguous it can be very easy to prioritize other facets of life over a hug. Let’s go down the list: money, work, your own wants and needs, which is completely justified. However by simply taking a step back to validate another person’s instinctual need for affirmation by physical touch is a gift that shouldn’t even be seasonal but doesn’t happen as much as it easily could be or even should be. Remind those you actually care about the impact of a simple yet effective way of meaningful affection with a hug this holiday season 


Number Four- A collage of photos  


 As time flies by with our busy schedules we cannot undermine the moments that impacted us the most: being with each other. So this Christmas simply take 3-4 photos of you and the presentee in question, make a slideshow, tape some photos together, draw the moment with a crayon if you have to! But sit down and reminisce on times when the smiles were the widest, the laughs were the loudest and the worries were the least because the real gift is simply being with each other. 


Gifts come in all shapes and sizes, so there is no need to feel tied down by expenses or time. The holidays are nearing, and if you don’t have the time or the money for an extensive gift shopping spree, grab what you can and gift it with love.