Millie Bobby Brown gives witty, entertaining performance in sequel to ‘Enola Holmes’


Photo Courtesy of Netflix

Millie Bobby Brown and Henry Cavil reprise their roles in Enola Holmes 2.

Jordan Correa, Staff Writer

“Enola Holmes 2” was released on Netflix in late October, starring actress Millie Bobby Brown and famous co-star Henry Cavil. This film takes you on an adventure just as good as the first “Enola Holmes,” released in 2020. The first film focused on Enola Holmes trying to find herself and her importance in the movie. The first film was more about character development so the audience can get to know who she is, and the different characteristics Enola developed in that first film. “Enola Holmes 2” takes her character and her story to new adventurous heights.  

           If you are someone who loves adventure, solving a mystery and even a bit of action-packed scenes, “Enola Holmes 2” is the film for you to watch. “Enola Holmes 2” has everything you need when looking for a movie with mystery and detective work. In this film, Enola Holmes tries to follow in the footsteps of her famous detective brother Sherlock Holmes. Enola pushes to follow in Sherlock’s footsteps but is making her way  to the detective’s side. Enola wants to make a name for herself and show people within the town that not only can Sherlock be trustworthy in solving cases and finding lost people, but so can Enola. Enola is making her pathway, making people realize she is just as good as her older brother Sherlock and if not, better. Although people underestimate her ability in detective work, those in the town will soon see why Enola Holmes is different from her brother Sherlock. 

           Millie Bobby Brown, most notably known for her role in as Eleven in “Stranger Things,” puts on an impressive performance in “Enola Holmes 2.” The most remarkable thing about Millie’s performance was her comedic scenes breaking the fourth wall to talk to the audience. The film has many comedic scenes that make it fun to watch and whenever Millie broke the fourth wall to talk to the audience, it helps make viewers feel even more a part of this mystery. Millie Bobby Brown did exceptionally well in this film, going back and forth with the film’s drama, mystery, and detective sense to break the fourth wall.  Enola Holmes took on the case of finding a girl gone missing, but with the fourth wall breaks, it felt like the audience is with Enola Holmes trying to solve this mystery as well. Millie Bobby Brown did an impressive job of switching in and out from talking to the audience and then going back into her detective story. 

           Enola Holmes is witty, determined and a character many love from her first film to this film. “Enola Holmes 2” brings to light a new story of Enola painting her own pathway with her detective agency to do things her way. Although at times it may seem a bit messy trying to solve such a complex mystery, her unorthodox strategy is what makes this film enjoyable.