First part of ‘Manifest’s’ fourth season debuts on Netflix after facing cancellation


Photo Courtesy of Netflix

The first part of Manifest’s final season depicts conclusion to the stories of the members of flight 828.

Morgan Biesty, Staff Writer

Fans were extremely outraged when they heard NBC’s hit show “Manifest” was being canceled. However due to popular demand, Netflix swooped in and saved the show for one last season. Now, “Manifest” Season 4: Part 1 has taken the #1 spot on Netflix’s TV Shows today list. With so many twists and turns in only 10 episodes, writer Jeff Rake did an exceptional job with getting viewers prepared for this wildly complex final season. 

For three years, fans, also known as “Manifesters,” have watched the Stone family struggle with the mind-bending story of how they disappeared for five years after flying on the Montego Air Flight 828 and being presumed dead until mysteriously coming back. Ben Stone (Josh Dallas) has spent the past seasons making new memories and protecting his family from the danger their situation has brought after their disappearances. Ben has already been through so much pain. Now his wife, Grace (Athena Karkanis), has been killed and his youngest daughter, Eden, was kidnapped by fellow 828 passenger Angelina (Holly Taylor).  

The terror that Angelina brings to the Stone family is truly traumatizing yet so intriguing. Actress Holly Taylor does an excellent job portraying the villain as every time it seemed like Angelina was done torturing the family, she just kept coming back for more. The battle between Ben and Angelina for Eden’s trust and love will have viewers on the edge of their seats. Actor Josh Dallas did an outstanding job showing Ben’s long phases of depression after Grace’s death and Eden’s disappearance. When Ben officially rescued Eden, it was such a loving and satisfying moment. Fans could only imagine how Eden’s young mind is able to  process all the  conflict but it’s comforting to see her father being able to fully protect her again. However, one of the biggest plot twists seemed to be Ben’s decision to trust Eagan again to help him, even after the amount of trouble Eagan caused in the third season. Viewers would think Ben would never want to see him again and fans didn’t seem too happy about Ben’s choice, but the catastrophe it caused was definitely enthralling. 


Even though there was a lot of turmoil and tragedy within each episode, writer Jeff Rake gifted Manifesters with plenty of uplifting scenes. The adorable reunion between Olive and TJ warmed many viewers’ hearts as it was charming of him to come back and help her with the hunt to find the Omega Sapphire. Viewers were hoping that Olive finally experiences a happy and healthy relationship after how much devastation she has gone through at a young age. In addition, the ups and downs of Zeke and Michaela’s marriage had many viewers on an emotional rollercoaster. Zeke’s iconic, “It’s just me and you under the stars,” line brought people to tears. They faced every obstacle together, no matter how challenging they were. The massive sacrifice Zeke made in this season has fans in true heartbreak, yet many are curious if this really is the end of his story. Overall, the whole cast of “Manifest” gave powerful performances throughout these 10 episodes and has left viewers longing to know what’s in store for part two.