‘Stranger Things’ dance hosted for Halloween

Jocelyn Arroyo-Ariza, News Editor

W.I.S.E. and Phi Gamma Chi hosted a “Stranger Things” themed Halloween dance in the Mulcahy Gym on Oct. 28. 

Costumes related to the show or the 80s were recommended but not required. There was an incentive to show up in the best costume to win the cash prize, so many students took time and energy from their busy schedules to show off their creative skills.  

Popular costumes included devils, angels, witches, anime characters and of course, “Stranger Things” characters. It was not hard to spot a Hell Fire Club shirt on the dance floor – just watch out for Vecna! Some friends coordinated their outfits, but others required you to ask what they were dressed up as.  

When you entered the gym, 80s new wave blasted through the stereos. The music was so loud that you could hardly hear your friends next to you. Classics such as “Blue Monday” played as attendees tried out their best decade appropriate dance moves.  

Besides dancing you could go bowling; pins were placed by headstones and spider webs. 

Shakinah Silverberg, a junior, enjoyed trying to make the headstones stand back up before the next game.  

“It was easily the best part of the night,” Silverberg said” It was a different thing to do at a dance.” 

Looking around, you could catch some “Stranger Things” references. By the candy station you could pick up some candy corn or some Demo-Dogs. You could also pose with a Demogorgon at each corner of the gym which flooded Instagram feeds.   

Alessandra Payne, also a junior, was happy to take as many pictures as possible with the Demogorgons. 

 “The Demogorgon looked very realistic to the show.” Payne said. “It was cool to see.” 

The dance ended at midnight with Gaels shivering back to their dorms, probably regretting  not bringing their coats. As friends carried each other pocketing Halloween candy, you are reminded of why the holiday is so special.