Restaurant reviews: A meal for any hour of the day at New Rochelle Diner


Photo Courtesy of Luis Lopez

New Rochelle Diner’s menu offers an assortment of delicious comfort foods.

Luis Lopez, Staff Writer

Diner food is the perfect kind of food for any hour of any day, and the New Rochelle Diner is the place to be. Located at 850 Main Street, New Rochelle, the New Rochelle Diner is an inviting old-school style diner with great food for everyone. The restaurant is open from 6am- 12am every day, so it’s the ideal spot for early birds and night owls. The Diner is my go-to restaurant for any kind of meal, and if you’re just feeling good, old diner food it’s the perfect place.  

The diner offers high quality breakfast foods, especially the “Meat lovers” omelet, which as the name suggests, is full of meats like bacon, ham and sausage, with cheddar cheese to bring the dish together perfectly, and is served with tasty, crispy home fries. They also serve eggs made to one’s liking. I recommend Sunnyside up eggs with American cheese and bacon to go alongside some pancakes – it makes for a very enjoyable and filling breakfast.  

My favorite item on the entire menu is any one of the specialty burgers they offer. My favorite specialty burger is the “Bulls Eye Burger” which is a burger topped with Canadian bacon, cheddar cheese and a fried egg, which adds a nice gooey texture to the burger and pairs perfectly with the beef and bacon. I also enjoy the “Southwest Cheeseburger” which consists of a burger topped with jalapenos, peppers, cheddar cheese and bacon. It’s the perfect mix of cheesy crunch with a nice spicy kick thanks to the jalapenos. All the burgers on their menu have their own appealing attributes, and anyone who enjoys a good burger can count on the New Rochelle diner.  

Milkshakes often pair well with burgers, and the New Rochelle diner offers a variety of specialty shakes sure to make your sweet tooth happy. They offer milkshakes made with various chocolate bars like the Reese’s peanut butter shake, Kit Kat shake and Pistachio Snicker shake. The diner also makes traditional vanilla, chocolate and strawberry milkshakes for those who aren’t daring enough to try any of the specialties. My personal favorite milkshake of theirs is the “Nutty Banana,” which is made up of vanilla ice cream, peanut butter and banana, topped with whipped cream, sprinkles and a cherry. Peanut butter and bananas go together well and making a milkshake with those ingredients is a perfect dessert. 

 The diner also serves many different types of pastries and desserts, like flan, eclairs, pies and cakes. My favorite is their coconut custard pie. I encourage students to give any of them a try and enjoy a nice cappuccino alongside dessert. The diner is a very comfortable environment for students to enjoy a meal with their friends and have a good conversation. The old school aesthetic of the establishment makes it appealing for customers’ eyes, and the delicious food makes it appealing for everyone’s taste buds.