“Halloween Ends” disappoints as 13th, final entry to classic horror franchise


Photo Courtesy of Universal Pictures

Halloween Ends dissapoints as the supposedly final entry to the horror series.

Morgan Biesty, Contributing Writer

The first “Halloween” movie is such a thrilling classic. However, it’s been 44 years since the original film came out, and it’s hard to understand what the writers were trying to come up with  for “Halloween Ends.” Despite this being an ending to the 13-film-long franchise, this last movie doesn’t give Michael Meyers much screen time. When Michael Meyers first appears in “Halloween Ends, he looks so exhausted that it’s surprising that he didn’t give up at this point. Audiences  would think that the whole point of this movie was to focus on the end to Michael’s terror, but not only does “Halloween Ends” take a long time to show Michael himself, but they also confusingly replace him with a brand-new villain, Corey. There are other ways to create an interesting conflict without making a normal human being become pure evil. 


The plot twist of Corey being the villain was confusing as not only does it take away from Michael himself, but it also isn’t thoroughly fleshed out or explained. Most of the plot was unrealistic and there weren’t really any absolutely terrifying scenes in the movie. The iconic and suspenseful first “Halloween” background theme music was barely included. Some scenes were so comical, that it actively detracted from the movie and its tone. For example, the conflict where Corey, a man in his early 20s,  lets himself get beat up by high school students comes across as unrealistically absurd.  it’s obvious that the fight would have made much more sense if they were all around the same age. Also, Allison’s character gives such a  strange vibe throughout the whole movie. Taking time to watch her work at the hospital felt pointless and detracted from more interesting parts of the film.  This is especially frustrating due to the film focusing on her and Corey’s relationship. Allison is so head-over-heels for Corey that she fails to recognize the obvious signs of him being a cold-blooded murderer. Despite how frustrating this was to endure, it’s good that other characters like Laurie eventually notice and act on Corey’s developments.  


Despite contributing heavily to the plot, it’s unfortunate that Laurie is blamed for the entire situation by the rest of the characters. However, Laurie manages to keep her composure, even though Haddonfield treated her as if she was personally asking forMichael to keep coming back. It’s hard to understand though, how Laurie was still alive after her final battle with Michael near the end. Yes, he wasn’t in good condition, but neither was she.  


Even though “Halloween Ends” is supposedly the last installment of this franchise, it’s hard not to feel  that it’s going to somehow be rebooted in a few years. This movie absolutely did not live up to the first movie. While audiences didn’t expect it to surpass what has become a horror classic, it would have been appreciated if it at least tried to live up to the series’ reputation, but it fails to accomplish even that.