Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson gives powerful performance in ‘Black Adam’


Photo Courtesy of Warner Bros.

Dwayne Johnson gives an intimidating performance in DC’s Black Adam.

Jordan Correa, Staff Writer

A movie ten years in the making has finally been released. Fans of DC comics and movies have now gotten what they have been anticipating as “Black Adam” starring Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson released on Oct 21. Not only did the film deliver to its fans but also to the opening weekend box office where the movie made $67 million  as Dwayne Johnson played his biggest-ever leading role in a film. Despite all the critical reviews that came out before the movie was even released, “Black Adam” is by far one of the best DC movies out there to date.  

“Black Adam” is a fun, exciting, action-packed and comedic film. The film has everything viewers would want in a movie with such a powerful character. The film is visually stunning with special effects that capture the energy of the action throughout the film. “Black Adam” is an anti-hero in this film, but the writing makes it feel like he is the real  hero of this movie. This is a film you want to watch in theaters because the sound and visual effects   are outstanding. “Black Adam” lives up to the hype and has proven the critics wrong.  

The film is an origin story for the anti-hero and explains simply the reasons why Black Adam became so powerful . Viewers watching the film should  be prepared as  from the start, the film showcases nothing but action and fun. Black Adam is such a powerful character and the movie’s producers, directors and writers deliver the amount of action to showcase the character. For audiences who love action movies with a solid plot, “Black Adam” 100% delivers on that one.   

Dwayne Johnson puts on one of his best performances yet as a leading actor. You can tell Johnson did his homework on the character, Black Adam, because he played him so well and perfectly embodied him. Johnson is known from interviews   as being funny and kind, but in Black Adam, Johnson takes on a whole other persona of a powerful character and delivers. Dwayne Johnson portrays the characters so well that, he is practically unrecognizable in this movie since he played the character Black Adam  as  powerful and intimidating.   

“Black Adam” is one of those movies that’s best seen in theaters with  its music, visuals, storytelling and action scenes, it makes it  a superhero flick viewers do not want to miss. The film will make audiences want to watch more of it even when the movie is over. Dwayne Johnson as Black Adam sells the film as his performance helps bring out the true visceral nature of this latest DC anti-hero film.