Book recs: ‘Daisy Jones and the Six’ recounts story of 70s rock legends

Daisy Jones & the Six recounts the story of the acclaimed musical group.

Photo Courtesy of Ballantine Books

Daisy Jones & the Six recounts the story of the acclaimed musical group.

Gianna Cocovinis, Staff Writer

For fans of the band Fleetwood Mac and the gritty, intense 70s rock era comes the book “Daisy Jones and the Six” by Taylor Jenkins Reid.  

Everyone knows the talented, world-renowned band Daisy Jones and the Six. The group’s folky, indie alternative sound dominated the music charts for weeks with their record-breaking album, “Aurora. However, no one was able to quite understand why they broke up. In the height of their fame, the band simply fell apart, never to reunite or give an explanation. The reasoning wouldn’t come until years later in the form of documentary-like style with snippets of dialogue taken from interviews with various band members, managers and people within the orbit of the 70s rock era.  

When the story begins, Daisy is a young girl with raw musical talent and no one in her life to show her any care, let alone help cultivate her own unique voice. She’d often sneak off to visit the Sunset Strip, where she got a taste of the rockstar life: sleeping with rockstars and sampling all the drugs and drinks a young girl like her can get her hands on. More than anything else though, it was the rock music itself that captured her heart. As she enters her early twenties, Daisy is determined to get herself noticed and have people really listen to her music rather than just get remembered for her pretty face and dynamite style. 

With Daisy on the west coast struggling to make a name for herself, back east is a band called The Six, slowly gaining popularity in the music industry. There is no doubt that all the members are talented but leading the pack is Billy Dunne, headstrong and just as determined as Daisy to make it in the industry. Being newly married and  adjusting to fatherhood, Billy struggles to fulfill his dream of being one of the biggest rockstars the world has ever seen,  but to not get carried away with the wild lifestyle that comes along with it. 

It is pure chance and circumstance that gets Daisy and Billy working together. There’s no denying there are strong feelings between them, but they are completely volatile and ever-changing. Those emotions often bleed into their music and personal lives, which also happens to make for great music. Their ground-breaking “Aurora” album tops the charts and quickly becomes rock music history, but the money and the fame pale in comparison to the turmoil that has built between Billy and Daisy. As the band reaches its god-status of fame and renown, the two can’t deny the intensity of their connection. Their conflicted feelings obviously fulfilled their long-awaited dreams, but not everything has an easy solution, and we see these characters really grapple with their feelings and the consequences of the choices they will invariably have to make.  

Soon to become a show able to be streamed on Amazon Prime next year, “Daisy Jones and the Six” is a unique, epic novel that puts you right in the rock and roll era of the 60s and 70s.