England will win the World Cup

Lachlan Wellington, Sports Editor

This November the FIFA World Cup is being hosted in Qatar and I believe that “Football is Coming Home to England”- well soccer, not football anyway. Now, I know what many people will say, has it ever really been home? Well, yes, England won the world cup back in 1966, but since then it has been a long 66 years of hurt and counting for every England fan, including myself. England has become a bit of a joke as all the fans get excited every time the world cup or European championships come around as we have faith that it will finally come home, before inevitable heartbreak occurs and England crashes out in whatever fashion they see fit that year. We were even so close at the last Euros, losing to Italy in the final in a typically English way- on penalties. Although most fans say England will win every World Cup and Euros and it never happens, I do believe that this time will be different. Sure, England is not in the best of form having not won in their last six matches, they have a manager who is under pressure, a center-back in Harry Maguire who does not even currently play for his club Manchester United and is in one of the worst runs of form that I have ever seen and a goalkeeper playing for one of the worst sides in the Premier League. However, all this is irrelevant as my England fan optimism will not fail me this time, I am sure of it. A group consisting of the USA, Iran and Wales looks to be an easy group for England to at least make it to the knockout stages and then who knows from there. England did make it to the semi-finals of the last World Cup and the final of the last European championship, so it only seems right that the progression would be to win it all this time around. Only time will tell whether football will indeed be coming home to England in December, but for now anyway I am keenly awaiting the start of the World Cup and am unrealistically optimistic that England will win- at least I’m trying to convince myself of this anyway.