True-crime series ‘Dahmer’ depicts disturbing story behind American serial killer


Photo Courtesy of Ser Baffo and Netflix

Evan Millers portrays Dahmer’s startling story in the true-crime drama.

Natalie Aversano, Contributing Writer

The current number one show on Netflix discusses how 17 people were killed and how everyone searched for answers and clues. Netflix’s “Dahmer,” released on Sept. 21, has viewers in shock with a crime drama based on the true story of Jeffrey Dahmer, an American serial killer and sex offender. Born on May 21, 1960 Dahmer surprisingly had a normal childhood growing up and was mostly a quiet, nonsocial person. Adjusting to his teenage years, Dahmer grew a “love” for animals, but not a good kind of love as he started to examine deceased ones. He would find roadkill and dissect them, completely removing their insides. He was also a heavy drinker which continued throughout his high school years.  


Dahmer wound up graduating high school in the year of 1978. At only the age of 18, he committed his first act of murder which he claimed to be one of his “hobbies”. Dahmer raped, murdered and cut up 17 men and one 14-year old boy.  Due to his parents’ divorce, Jeff was left in his home alone most of the time. Utilizing the time away from his parents, this gave him the opportunity to take matters into his own hands and let his mind do the talking. Dahmer’s dreadful thoughts allowed him to do harmful and disturbing acts to other people.  


Dahmer did attend college but dropped out because of his alcoholism and class attendance issues. His father forced him to do many things that he did not want to participate in, with one of them being joining the army, causing Dahmer to never enjoy his father’s remarks. His only targets were men, and later Dahmer revealed his sexuality as gay. Spending his time at gay bars was how he found most of his victims. Dahmer used an alarmingly diverse number of methods to kill his victims including knives, chainsaws, acid and drugs, which he would use by placing them in his victims’ drinks, causing them to become incoherent. Jeffrey Dahmer’s belongings that he utilized are now fittingly referred to as “tools of death.”  


As the actor who played Jeffrey Dahmer in the show, Evan Peters follows along with the true crime story of Dahmer with graphic depictions of how he killed his victims. July 1991 was the year that Dahmer got caught, as he approached three men asking them to pose for him so he could take nude photographs. One of the men, Tracy Edwards, agreed and followed him back into his apartment. When they arrived at his apartment Dahmer handcuffed him and proceeded to threaten him with a knife to his chest. Dahmer then repeatedly told Edwards that he was going to eat his heart out and following this act of violence, he was arrested on July 22 and confessed that he killed 17 people. After his first confession, he was charged with four counts of first-degree intentional homicide. Jeffrey Dahmer’s time in jail didn’t last long because on November 28, 1994, he was murdered by another inmate.