Gaels Supporting Gaels

Kaylin Flukey, Managing Editor

Anyone who is a part of Iona University has heard the term “Gaels supporting Gaels” repeatedly. However, I don’t think anyone ever sits down and really thinks deep into the true meaning of it. The term is pretty self-explanatory; as a student or faculty member at Iona it is important to support your peers. This is what you see on the outside, whether it be showing up to a sports event, attending an event hosted by one of your peers, going to a school play and many more. However, the true meaning is having a sense of community. 


By showing up for your peers, you are building a community of support and encouragement. For anyone who is participating, it means the world to them to know that they have people in their corner cheering them on. Being a student athlete, I love when I see my fellow peers and other athletes at my games because it gives me a sense of reassurance that I am playing for something more. I know that I am playing for the name on my chest and all I care about is making my school proud. 


It also gives people motivation to perform well. When you see peers in the stands or in the audience there supporting you, you want to do well for them and put on a show. The more people supporting, the more it brings up the energy at an event and that vibe is infectious to the people performing. There is a reason why the home records for our sports teams are so much higher than when away. We have a huge support system at home, and it can also throw off the away team and they are less likely to perform at their normal abilities. Speaking from experience, it is very difficult to play well on a court or field when the entire stadium is cheering against you. 


This will also stay with you when you will one day leave Iona University and attack your next adventure in life. You will forever be able to say that you are an Iona Gael and there is a huge community out there in being able to say that. The meaning does not change once you graduate, you will stay in touch with friends and be able to make connections within your career path that will benefit you in the long run. Not many people in this world get to say that they are an Iona Gael, so own it with pride.