Making the most of your college experience


Courtesy of Niomi Nunez made on Canva 

Dean Joel Quintong suggests students take advantage of all the opportunities available.  

Niomi Nunez, Features & Lifestyle Editor

Across campus, hundreds of students wonder “What now?” It is a reasonable thought to have considering that the college experience is all about leading yourself into the abyss that is life. As terrifying as that sounds, it can also be quite exciting.  

Your college experience should consist of more than strenuous lectures and obnoxiously lit dorm rooms, but that is what college is to the majority of students, especially incoming freshman, and it shouldn’t be.  

Iona University’s website is a source you could turn to if you are a student looking to brighten things up. Open up the webpage’s menu tab and click on “Student Life” to discover an endless list of activities, events and clubs taking place on campus. From athletic clubs to multicultural groups, there is something for everyone. These activities are perfect for meeting new people and making use of your hobbies.  

Dean of Students Joel Quintong is very adamant about making the college experience enjoyable and efficacious. He hopes for maximum student engagement in the 2022-2023 academic year.  

“My goal is that the student body as a whole feel even more engaged and have an even greater sense of connection to Iona through their choices,” Quintong said.  

 “Students can make the most of their time by doing something at the university that supplements what they are doing in the classroom and adds another dimension to their experience at Iona,.” Quintong said when asked about the different ways in which students can get involved on campus.  

“Note that it doesn’t necessarily have to be a ‘club’ or organization…students can add to their college experience in so many ways, like getting a job on campus, volunteering, tutoring for the Rudin center, engaging in additional research projects and many others,” Quintong said. 

While completing his bachelors at Boston College, Quintong was engaged on campus, but wishes he would have taken advantage of the other opportunities at hand, like studying abroad.  

“Between my course work, my position as an RA in Res Life and that I was playing a sport, I didn’t think I had time to go abroad,” Quintong said. “Knowing now what I know, I could have found time to go abroad …My friends and colleagues over the years have shared their stories about their time abroad, and I wish I had gone.”  

Take advantage of every opportunity, but keep in mind that burning out is guaranteed if you try to do everything all at once. As important as it is to make the most of your college experience, it is also imperative that you have a couple of days where you do nothing at all. Having “uneventful” days will contrast your active days and make them feel all the better. Find that balance and stick with it.  

These are the four years in which you get to take risks and experiment with your interests. Join a club, find a study group, get a campus job, etc. Do something that will make your college experience more worthwhile. By the end of the year, you might be drained from it all, but with that comes feelings of accomplishment and memories to last you a lifetime.