Disney’s live-action ‘Pinocchio’ remake heartfully retells original story


Photo Courtesy of Disney

Disney’s Live Action Pinocchio Remake brings the belved puppet to life in a new a ways. Photo Courtesy of Disney

Jordan Correa, Contributing Writer

When the original “Pinocchio” was released in 1940, it was a major hit as the second successful animated film that Disney produced. The original “Pinocchio” was a musical fantasy film filled with music kids could sing along to and contained lots of adventure. It brought families together  to watch this magical film be brought to life. This latest version of “Pinocchio” released on Disney+ separates itself from the 1940s version and many others that were created before it.  

“Pinocchio” is a wonderful film to watch, and it sets itself apart with it being a live action film. The live action setting brings the character Pinocchio more to life than  ever  before. “Pinocchio” is a great film filled with adventure, music, fun and growth. Pinocchio, a wooden doll brought to life, wants to become a real boy one day and he goes through many obstacles in this film to accomplish that. Most importantly, viewers will feel like they are growing with the character as Pinocchio goes through obstacles in the film. Pinocchio is the kind of film where you can sing along as well, which many viewers would enjoy. Even in what would seem like the low points of the film, the musical performances make up for it.  

The actors in this film are amazing with voice actor Benjamin Evan Ainsworth as Pinocchio putting on quite the performance. The soft yet high pitched tone of Ainsworth’s voice helps to bring out the features of Pinocchio. The musical performances are frequent, especially with Pinocchio loving to perform in front of a crowd. Tom Hanks, who plays Geppetto, the creator and father of Pinocchio, puts on a great performance as well. Tom Hanks is practically unrecognizable, and his performance within this film shows the viewers why he is one of the best actors for the role. Tom Hanks is funny and caring in the film towards Pinocchio. Geppetto views Pinocchio as his son and cares about nothing else but Pinocchio in the film. One of the greatest things about “Pinocchio” is how important the connection between a father and son is. The connection never left even when Pinocchio was trying to find his place in the world.  

“Pinocchio” gives off a wonderful feeling of joy and comfort. The movie has a heartfelt message of knowing that through any obstacles to a goal there are people out there you can call your friend. The film’s plot is all about finding yourself and realizing that through every obstacle, it is important to stay true to yourself. Even through the hardships of being kicked out, kidnapped and bullied, Pinocchio stayed true to himself and it is a valuable lesson, especially for younger audiences watching the film. It was a great film overall mixed with music and wonderful acting. It portrayed a powerful message of staying true to oneself that will carry onto many that watch the film.