Book recs: “Heartstopper” is wholesome love story that inspired Netflix series


Heartstopper is a wholesome graphic novel that inspired the Netflix series.

Gianna Cocovinis, Staff Writer

Welcome back to a new semester Gaels, here’s hoping everyone had a relaxing and fulfilling summer break. If you’re like me and want to hold onto the summer vibes a little bit longer, then I have the perfect book recommendation for you! You may recall the popular Netflix series, “Heartstopper” released earlier this season. After seeing all the hype blow up for it, I decided to give the romantic graphic novel “Heartstopper” by Alice Oseman a try. 

  The story opens following Charlie, a senior in high school who is openly gay, a textbook nerd and overthinker. It is in the halls of his high school that he crosses paths with Nick, a wholesome, soft-hearted rugby player from an all-boys British boarding school. From there they become fast friends, but could there be something more? 

From Charlie’s perspective, his previous year as a junior wasn’t that great. Navigating his judgmental peers and a secret, abusive relationship left him lonely and ready to start fresh with someone new, but Nick is straight…he’s pretty sure. As their friendship grows, lines get blurred and feelings get tangled. Charlie is sure he doesn’t stand a chance, but love often works in mysterious ways and good things always come to those who wait. With outside forces threatening to push the two budding friends apart, Charlie and Nick are forced to evaluate their situations and see if their connection is really worth fighting for, or if they should take a page out of High School Musical and stick to the status quo. I think the answer is clear after that particular music number. 

Personally, this book was exactly what I needed this summer. With internships and summer courses filling up my schedule, I needed something to satisfy my need to read but also my need to digest a story quickly. The fact that I’ve heard nonstop gushing about “Heartstopper” and the fact that it was a graphic novel definitely satisfied my qualifications. I found Charlie and Nick’s love story so heartwarming and uplifting, and it was hard not to fall in love with their quirks and shyness. It was a sweet, innocent relationship full of heart and authenticity that brought this book to another level. 

At times, I found the plotline to be a bit predictable, but that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The reason I picked this book up is because I wanted no surprises – just a sweet, innocent love story from start to finish. That’s exactly what this book promises, and that’s what it delivers. As far as the rest of the series goes, it is definitely a light, fluffy, cozy read that warms you up from the inside out. Perfect for closing out the summer and starting a new hectic semester in the fall if you want to get some reading done with low commitment. Furthermore, if you have time between classes or are looking for something to binge, now is the perfect time to watch the Netflix series that came out this past summer.