Philosophy through a fashionista’s lens


Picture: courtesy of Daniela Demosthene  

Without the visions of artisans like Daniela, life would be monotonous.  

Tiffany Persaud, Features & Lifestyle Editor

If Daniela Demosthene wasn’t pursuing fashion, she would’ve made a great therapist. She can calm the aura in any room and holds wisdom beyond her mere 22 years of age.  

Being an Aries, Demosthene is a leader in zodiac terms and a leader in real life, as well. Since joining the fashion club in her freshmen year, she worked her way up to becoming the president. This means coordinating a New York fashion week worthy show in the spring semester.  

Although this is a college-based fashion show, Demosthene is determined to make the production as ornate as designer runways. Even with limited funding and unfortunately, without Niaomi Campbell to open the show, Demosthene has put in genuine efforts in every stage of planning.   

Facing the common illness of senioritis, Demosthene is zoned in on her priority interest of fashion and holds rehearsal twice a week. When she’s not steering the reigns of the production, she spends time in her single dorm room practicing other creative ventures like photography and drawing.   

Sewing was Demosthene’s first love at the age of five, but, in her early teen years, her attraction to creativity began to wane since it didn’t initially appear to be a financially approving career.  

“I’ve always wanted to be a designer but coming from a Caribbean family certain dreams and passions that a lot of us have at a young age are never supported as much, so I felt a little abandoned from the arts,” Demosthene said.  

Yet, since coming to Iona, fashion as a career was reinstated in her life when she saw the many opportunities available in interest clubs, Greek life and overall engagement on campus.  

Majoring in criminal justice, she wants to be a part of peaceful and harmonious changes in the world. The fashion club, in co-sponsorship with Residential Life and the Office of Mission and Ministry are hosting a survivor art exhibit called “What Were You Wearing,” in light of sexual assault awareness month. 

Demosthene aspires to create a swimwear line, as both a storefront and online retailer. However, she wants to learn the business side of being an entrepreneur. She has the idea, now she wants to put it into action by applying to graduate school at either Parson’s School of Design or the Fashion Institute of Technology.  

Fashion is more than just clothes for Demosthene, it’s a form of self-expression and displays one’s inner personality traits on the outside.  

“It’s beautiful to see everyone’s fashion and style,” Demosthene said. “Versatility is telling a story. When it comes to fashion, there’s always a story behind an outfit, a color, a print. Don’t be afraid to wear what you want to wear.” 

Exactly a month from graduating, Demosthene often looks at her past self’s achievements and mistakes, as a way of healing. She has done so much at the school as president that has helped her gain confidence in every aspect of her life. So, she encourages everyone to let go of the fear of the unknown and just do it 

The Iona College fashion show is on April 30 at 8:00 p.m. at the Mulcahy Gymnasium.