Iona looking to hire student clown, auditions to held in Burke Lounge on April 1


Auditions will be hosted in Burke Lounge for the next school clown

Jocelyn Arroyo-Ariza, News Editor

By Jocelyn Arroyo-Ariza 

Are you looking to be more involved? Feeling that quarter-life crisis approaching? Are you funny enough to make the Tik Tok obsessed generation laugh? Audition to be Iona’s official Court Jester! 

This school tradition dates back to the college’s founding with students believing that an actual class clown would enrich their Iona experience. Since 1940, over 15 students have donned the clown shoes and danced around North Avenue, greeting passengers and handing out balloons.  

The official uniform has changed little over the years. It’s not just Killian in a clown wig. The current look has become standardized since the 1990s. The jumpsuit consists of gold and maroon stripes with matching polk-a-dot shoes. In the pockets of the official Iona Court Jester, he holds the aforementioned balloons as well as his magic umbrella and last year’s homecoming shirts. 

Those who have donned the clown shoes have become quite successful. Some have gone on to be performers themselves, not just simply hosting podcasts. Others have returned to circus life, traveling around and proclaiming Gael pride. Most of the alumni are more than happy to talk about their experiences and share their stories, especially on international clown day.  

The official Court Jester usually performs at basketball games and at homecoming. In pre-CO times, there was the annual Iona Circus. Due to high attendance, the college has been hesitant to host the event. The last time the circus was held, tickets sold out in three hours with many arguing that lottery system was rigged. It is unclear when the circus will return, but some have speculated that the circus will make a comeback next year.  

Auditions will be held at Burke Lounge on April 1 at noon. To prepare, students should bring their OWN clown shoes as SGA will not be providing anyone with extras, although spare wigs and clown noises are being offered. The audition process itself is pretty simple – just make the judges laugh. The panel will be chosen at random the day before to ensure that any comedic biases will be eliminated. For those who attended clown school or have previously performed at birthday parties, any signature tricks and bits would be an excellent way to stand out from the other candidates. Those with acrobat and mime experience are especially encouraged to try out, though tricks with fire and animals are strictly forbidden.  

DISCLAIMER!!! This article was intended for comedic relief ONLY as it was apart of the Ionian’s April Fool’s Day issue.