CSA hosts Cards of Hope event to thank members of community

Margaret Dougherty, Editor-In-Chief

The Commuter Student Association (CSA) hosted their annual Cards of Hope event on March 29 in Burke Lounge. 

The event is held in conjunction with The Justin Samela Miceli Wings of Hope Foundation. Justin was a commuter student at Iona College who tragically passed away from a car accident in 2007. The organization seeks to honor his life and legacy by building happy and healthy communities through academic scholarships, medical donations and more contributions. Justin’s mother and founder of the foundation, Alicia Samela, was in attendance at the event. 

Cards of Hope offers students the opportunity to recognize underappreciated members of the community who make a difference in people’s lives. Students gathered to write cards to members of not only the Iona community, but also the larger New Rochelle community.  

Some of the members of the Iona community receiving cards include RAs, CAs, mentors, advisors and professors. In New Rochelle, doctors, the police department and the fire department will be receiving these cards of gratitude. The cards were decorated with colorful markers and stickers. 

Senior Christina Marasevic addressed her card to the entire Westchester Medical Center staff. 

“The last two years, there’s been tremendous pressure on our local hospitals due to COVID, and the workers have made endless sacrifices along with their other responsibilities. They are true heroes and deserve our appreciation.” 

Sophomore Zach Morocho addressed his card to a fire chief from the NRFD. 

“This event is a great way to recognize the people in the community who have been helping out and ensuring our safety.”