American Cancer Society raises over $100 in ‘Pie an E-Board Member’


Photo from @ionaacsoncampus on instagram

Pie an e-board member fostered fun for a good cause.

Jason Piccolomini, Staff Writer

American Cancer Society is a voluntary health organization with the main goal of eliminating cancer. There are 288 college campuses that help ACS achieve this lofty goal, with Iona being one of them. Recently, the club was supposed to have their Relay for Life Kickoff event, but saw that event postponed until the near future.  


However, ACS had a Pie an E-Board Member event this past weekend. The event involved the entire ACS e-board coming together offering to get pied in the face. The pies, which were shaving cream on a paper plate, were being sold for $3 each. Many students came to the event making several donations. Overall, the event proved to be a success.  


Emily Nathan, a junior who is a first-year e-board member, spoke of the event’s accomplishments.  


“Out of all of the college campuses that are fundraising, we have raised enough money to make us 19th in the rankings,” Nathan said. “I’m happy we got the turnout that we did from the students.” 


To be 19th out of 228 colleges is a great start for the club, which looks to raise more money with its upcoming events. The club has events scattered throughout the semester.  


Gabriela Barreiro, a junior e-board member who has been in the club since freshman year, wants the students to keep an eye out for their future endeavors.  


“Next month we will have raffle baskets and we will have our Relay for Life Kickoff event next week,” Barreiro said. “Our actual Relay for Life event is in April which will be a lot of fun but will involve a lot of participation and effort from not only the e-board, but the rest of the club members and any student that wants to be a part of it.”  


ACS’s Relay for Life is the club’s biggest event of the year. It is a 12-hour event that raises funds through various activities in which students can participate.  


Iona College ACS President Olivia Kilkenny is excited for what Relay for Life will hold.  


“Relay for Life is our most exciting event that will be from April 9-10,” Kilkenny said. “Iona students will come together playing games and walking for those 12 hours, all to raise money for ACS.” 


Kilkenny encourages those who aren’t in the club to still participate in their fundraising events and believes that joining the club is a great opportunity to be involved.  


“Joining ACS gives students the opportunity to work with a great organization,” Kilkenny said. “Not only will you get to work with ACS and those who are a part of that, but we also collaborate with other clubs on campus for all types of events and programs.” 


Earlier in the semester, Iona’s ACS on campus partnered with Chipotle for a fundraiser. Those who ordered Chipotle saw 33% of the event sales go to the cause.  


ACS also had a Kiss Cancer Goodbye event on Valentine’s Day, which involved members writing why they were relaying or who they were relaying for on a paper heart. 


With the semester not even halfway through, ACS will look to bounce off of what they raised through their Pie an E-Board Member event with their upcoming fundraisers to move up in the rankings.