Last semester seniors: A reflection


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The class of 2022 begins their last semester in a juxtaposition of making the most of their last months at Iona and having the urge to flee onto the next adventure.  

Tiffany Persaud, Features & Lifestyle Editor

Every year, the class of seniors feels the old age symptoms appearing as graduation approaches in May. The lower back pain is the worst of it. Two weeks into the seniors’ last semester as an undergraduate at Iona and bittersweet emotions are beginning to settle in. Campus became a second home for students so, naturally, leaving is difficult.  

Every student in the senior class is distinct in their talents, expression and personality. Each has faced personal struggles during this time of maturation to somewhat get an idea of what it’s like being an adult. Four months before their diploma is in hand, seniors take a time of reflection for their emotions, thoughts and advice they have cultivated within four years.  

Jacob Cooperman, a media and strategic communications major with a digital production concentration, developed a podcast that has grown tremendously since its birth in April 2021.  

Cooperman says:  

“For my time at Iona, I would say that incoming freshmen shouldn’t keep their expectations too high, but at the same time have high hopes for themselves. So often as people we get caught up in our expectations of others and what they might think of us, but it’s important for people our age to understand that the truest form of self-sufficiency and growth comes from an intimate look into the soul, and boundaries for what we can expect from ourselves every day. Take those and smash them and you have the key to success right there. Balance is also key as is the case with any good life. I personally found my passion and cut out partying and other things like that because I didn’t really like them but for others a play and work balance are essential because the one that works to live is not living and one who lives to work is not either.”  

Joshua de Coteau, a double major in entrepreneurship and media and strategic communications, is involved in many areas within campus, including running for the Iona track team, and he holds the position of video editor for the E-sports team.  

De Coteau says: 

“My time at Iona has been one for the books; I learned a lot being here. I gained lifelong friends, many of whom were there for me when I was at my lowest and kept doing their best to keep pushing me forward. I’ve had a lot of self-growth here, maturing more and more into the man I want to see when I look in the mirror. And the professors, while I haven’t gotten along with all of them, the ones I’ve had the best relationships with, I’ll always remember them. They helped me grow out of a lot of bad habits like procrastination and an attitude of not caring about my work. I’ve learned a lot from Iona, and I’ll take those memories with me as I continue with life.” 

Joseph Lopez, a double major in marketing and entrepreneurship, hopes to use his knowledge and networking skills acquired at Iona to land a job in a marketing agency specializing in social media strategy. 

Lopez says:  

“I became a Gael in 2018 and can honestly say that I’m glad I decided to attend Iona. In my 4 years here, I have met a large group of diverse individuals, found my passion, and was guided by many different mentors along the way. Even with the unfortunate reality of the COVID-19 pandemic, Iona provided me with the resources to continue my education and expand my network as much as possible. If I was to offer advice to my fellow classmates, I would say to take advantage of all that Iona has to offer. Show effort in your work, introduce and connect with as many people as possible, and create relationships with your professors; you’ll be glad you did! And don’t forget to have fun, college isn’t just about the transaction of obtaining a degree.” 

Graduation is an inflection point, since once you’ve graduated you have no choice but to begin anew, taking along the education and friends you’ve made during your collegiate years. Hopefully, the seniors have gathered a beginner’s lesson of life skills that will develop into a successful career.