‘Color of Patterns’: Students explore emotional themes through powerful performances


The Iona College Dance Ensemble’s Color in Patterns performance showcases Iona students’ unique artistic talent.

Joseph Ferrer, Arts & Entertainment Editor


The Iona College Dance Ensemble held their annual fall concert “Colors of Patterns” on Nov. 4 and 5. The event was held in the Murphy Auditorium and was open to both Iona students and those outside of the college as well. The themes of the showcase were self-attunement, nature and the world as a whole, with each dance movement focusing on a different aspect relating to these themes. Students, faculty and invited artists participated in the event and highlighted their dancing techniques through a variety of different performances.  


The event featured a total of nine different performances, some being performed live on stage while others were showcased via prerecorded screen dances that took advantage of the film medium to showcase the artistic style of the individual movements. “Colors and Patterns” marks one of the first in-person performances for the ensemble since the start of the pandemic where anyone willing was able to physically attend the event. Some of the performances, such as the “Power of Love” and “Breakthrough” movements, were self-choreographed by students among the Dance Ensemble, and it allowed for the students themselves to showcase both their own individual talents as performers as well as the powerful emotions and messages that were shared through their dances. Other performances such as “In the MYnd” and “Subtle Chaos” are emotional reflections that explore a variety of heavy themes such as the internal, psychological conflicts of the mind that come from seasonal depression as well as the dissonance of control from being within a toxic relationship. These emotionally heavy themes were respectfully and artistically analyzed by the students and staff behind “Color of Patterns” and opened the way for discussion of serious topics and situations.  


Director of the Iona College Arts and Language Department and curator of the event, Dr. Hannah Park, believes the event provided the members of the Dance Ensemble the opportunity to express the themes and their own techniques that they’ve honed.  


“This semester, the Iona College Dance Ensemble members used dance and the creative process as tools to be attentive to the patterns that are present and to explore them through embodiment,” writes Dr. Park. “As a director, it was an honor to witness the dancers reflecting on patterns that are noticeable to them through sharing, dance making, and performing. 

Even with the limitations from our mandated safety practices, we are pleased to have produced ensemble pieces.” 


Through “Colors of Patterns” the Iona College Dance Ensemble thought-provokingly explored serious emotions and situations through the art of dance.