“Sounds of Silence” (SOS) teaches students importance of music

Katherine Daly, Staff Writer

Burke Lounge in Spellman Hall was transformed into a musical getaway for the event “Sounds of Silence” (SOS) on Oct. 26 through the efforts of Iona’s social work department.  


As part of the Week of the Peacemaker, “Sounds of Silence” gave students the opportunity to learn about music. The event was a brief presentation given by Sara Rader, Mary Crinnion, Abner Salmeron, Ryan Murphy and Jasmine Morel. It focused on the real issues in society like equality but explored this concept through music. Songs advocated for people who were subjected to a broken or lost system, teaching students that art imitates life and brings us closer together.  


Lisa Rene Reynolds, director of social work and marriage family therapy, complemented the presentation and thanked people for coming.  


“I think everyone here did a wonderful job tonight and we need to give them a big round of applause,” said Reynolds. “I also want to thank the people who came out here tonight and listened.”  


Those who were there were invited to participate in the presentation itself by adding their own songs to the Spotify playlist that was created. Gaels were also able to sing and hum along to show their support.  


Mary Crinnion, a senior and one of the speakers at the event, was glad to see people getting involved. 


“I think it’s important to share and I was so excited to see people getting involved at this event,” Crinnion said. “I just loved watching people’s hands go up as they were focused on our presentation and wanted to be part of the conversation. It was really exciting to watch people  

add to the Spotify playlist we created and see them loosen up a little bit.”  


Many members of Iona’s community were just happy to listen to music and sing along. 


“I was just happy to sit there and listen to some music they played.” junior Myles Chiarello said. “I did notice plenty of people at this event singing with the songs. It’s fascinating as it shows me what music can really do.”  


Ryan Murphy, a senior and one of the speakers at the event, understands the significance of music in the presentation.  


“Music is universal, and it crosses many different barriers,” Murphy said. “It allows us to project a voice that represents everybody, whether it’s one community or dozens of communities and that’s exactly the platform our presentation runs on. It’s a very simple metaphor that teaches all of us that we are part of something much greater, which is significant.”