Students play bingo with drag queen

Brita recounted her experiences sharing wisdom to Gaels.

Katherine Daly

Brita recounted her experiences sharing wisdom to Gaels.

Katherine Daly, Staff Writer

The Office of Residential Life hosted “Bingo with Brita” at the LaPenta Student Union Endzone on Oct. 13 as part of National Coming Out Week. The event provided a supportive, fun and open space for members of the LGBTQ+ community and allies.  

 Students played bingo in hopes of winning prizes such as candy, socks, succulents and Homecoming T-shirts. Gaels also had the chance to meet and take photos with “RuPaul’s Drag Race” contestant Brita Filter. Iona invited the drag queen to come and talk about the LGBTQ+ experience.  

Drag Queen Brita hosted Bingo to the delight of the Iona Community.

Photo Credits – Katherine Daly


Brita described her life growing up and how she realized the importance of supporting one another. 

“I figured out I was gay in the fifth grade,” Brita said. “It’s not an easy thing to deal with at a young age but that didn’t stop me. What I figured out is that you need allies and support from friends, which is why I’m here telling you now to stick together.”  

Many members of Iona’s community were committed to having fun by taking part in this event.  

“My main purpose tonight is to have fun while I play bingo with my friends,” graduate student RaAnna Kurek said. “I’m definitely glad I came to be part of this event as it brings us closer together to celebrate the LGBTQ community.”  

Sophomore Wil Carradero also expressed his eagerness to get involved while having a good time.  

“I was so on board the moment I heard Brita was going to be the special guest,” Carradero said. “She’s an icon when it comes to supporting the LGBTQ community and it got me excited to be involved. I follow everything she does, and she has inspired me to be better. This event seemed like a no brainer as it helped spread awareness. “ 

Aaron Harman, the director of residential life, described the significance of such an event for students. 

“This event means a lot to our students as we provide a way to spread acceptance and support for the LGBTQ+ community,” Harman said. “It provides the students with a sense of freedom, and openness to support each other.”   

Harman also stressed the importance of being able to host an event like this on campus. 

“Our celebration here is supposed to provide an open and safe space for people who are out, people who aren’t out and allies.” Harman said.” We want to create a space to give students the confidence and a voice to share around campus.”   

The students at the event not only walked away with some prizes, but also with the knowledge to support each other.  

“An event like this brings amazing opportunities and shows people that they are represented in a huge community,” Carradero said. “I know if we open up our hearts and let others in, we would be doing the right thing as we grow closer by supporting each other.”