‘On My Block’s’ final season emotionally concludes mystery drama


Photo Credit- Netflix

On My Block finishes with a warm ending but leaves questions with its conclusion.

Brianna Riordan, Contributing Writer

After a long-anticipated wait, viewers can finally see how the fourth and final season of “On My Block” ends. The show, ranked #4 on Netflix’s Top 10, wraps up the end of a drama, while our main characters discover who they are and uncover a long-lasting mystery that will bring them together in the end. 


At the end of the third season, Monse (Sierra Capri) goes off to a school in Mayfield, leaving her friends back in Freeridge living a totally different life. Back in Freeridge, Jamal (Brett Gray) joins the football team and is now the popular guy in school who avoids his old friends while Ruby (Jason Genao) and Jasmin (Jessica Marie Garcia) stay together as a couple and do the same. Oscar (Julio Macias) has separated himself from leading the Santos gang to experience a life more worth living, while his brother, César (Diego Tinoco), takes his place and no longer associates with any of his friends.  


The four best friends – César, Monse, Ruby and Jamal – all portray how important friendships are to keep. Throughout the seasons, they experience many struggles and emotional problems that make them stronger but also tear them apart. The four friends may have arguments and many issues along the way, but, in the end, they always come together. The viewers see how the people you surround yourself with are the ones who are always there for you and  shape you to be your true self. The show can be relatable to real-life situations and shows its audience how strong friendships can be and how friends could be there even when you’re separated from each other.  


On My Block’s” cast does a great job of showing their characters’ personalities and their struggles of living without each other. The friends are tested non-stop throughout the season whether it’s through relationships, loss or mystery. They always find a way to get through their problems no matter what is thrown in their way. The suspenseful moment leading up to the final episode causes them to come together again to solve another mystery. 


Overall, the final season of the show was suspenseful and leaves a mystery for the audience to uncover.  Although “On My Block comes to end, we can always look around the corner to see how much of a great story was told by the amazing actors and actresses. It brought out so many relatable emotions that drew people into the show. The show ended with the group of friends uncovering a new mystery, leaving the audience in shock that the series will not return for another season.